SCAM TANGO: Nexus Global and Forex Explosion review

In this Forex Explosion and Nexus Global review we make it clear that these investment programs are scams.

Nexus Global reviewOn one side, Nexus Global is presented as a traditional affiliate program. On the other side, they say they will make you money thanks to ICO investing, bitcoin mining and Forex trading. And there is also a third side, you can earn money by referring new investors to Nexus Global.

Just the Forex trading can allegedly earn you up to 30% per month in a passive way. Then you have the ICOs, crypto mining and the binary referral program. Does it sound to good to be true?

Nexus Global and Forex Explosion scam

Forex Explosion reviewThere are many aspects that this Nexus Global review could cover, but let’s focus on the Forex trading program. It allegedly will provide you with an automated solution at Forex Explosion that will generate up to 30% monthly returns on your investment.

So, the judgement can be pretty quick here, any company promising you 30% monthly on Forex on autopilot is a scam, period. There simply is no way to make regularly 30% every month in Forex trading. That’s the harsh truth.

Moreover, Forex Explosion is a totally anonymous and unregulated program that cannot work legally in most countries, certainly not in the USA, EU or Australia for example.

We really needed to see just the association with Forex Explosion to be able to say in this Nexus Global review that it is a scam.


Nexus Global also claims that you can make money thanks to cloud mining. You will rent hardware power and let do the mining rigs do their work and then get profits.

The problem is that it is very hard to make money in bitcoin mining, because the mining difficulty is the highest it has ever been and the price of bitcoin is not. In other words, the profitability in normal circumstances (normal electricity cost) is very problematic.

Yet, Nexus Global make it looks like you will be making money very quickly. But in reality, you would be very lucky to break even in one year.

Dubious company

Nexus Global scamLast but not least in this Nexus Global review, let’s have a look at the company. It really is registered in the UK, but as you can see on our picture, it is only one year old and it already has run into problems with authorities.

The Companies House shows an alert about Confirmation statement overdue. Nexus Global obviously is not doing what is required by the law. Which is another huge red flag.

Nexus Global and Forex Explosion review conclusion

Nexus Global and Forex Explosion are connected scams, there is no real and legal business activity going on within these projects, stay away from them!

For financial trading you should always use regulated companies and first verify all your ideas and systems on a demo account.

And don’t forget that trading with real money is risky, so if you quit the demo for real trading, be careful.

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