SCAM THAT WON’T DIE: Crypto Revolt review

Crypto Revolt official webIn this review we examine an investment scam that keeps getting recycled and rebranded, this time it is called Crypto Revolt.

Crypto Revolt is a software made for cryptocurrency trading. It allegedly wins 99.4% trades, so it can make you a lot of money.

For free, because you can get access to Crypto Revolt for free. Really?

Crypto Revolt scam

Scam comparisonThe reality is that Crypto Revolt is a very old scam with a new name. We have already reviewed this scam when it was using different names like Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Secret or Bitcoin Evolution.

Everything remains the same, only the name changes. This scam is known for losing money.

Fake testimonials

The testimonials are fakeThe CryptoRevolt webpage features some testimonials that are supposed to prove that people earn money with this system.

But all these testimonials are fake. Check our picture to see that scammers used stock photos to fabricate these reviews.

Fake trading results

These results are not realAnother fake thing on the website of Cryptto Revolt it the live trading feed.

Ale these results are fake, generated by a script, these trades are not real, they did not happen.

How it really works

The Crypto Revolt works the exact same way as all the other scams mentioned above. It is designed to make you deposit money with an associated and unregulated broker.

This is how they get your money, they will make you believe their robot can make you rich, then they ask you for a deposit to start trading, and that’s it, you will never see it again.


Crypto Revolt is a well-known scam with a new name, don’t invest any money with it!

If you are interested in crypto trading, try it first on a free demo with a regulated broker.

On the testing account you can learn how everything works and try and build a profitable strategy.

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