SCAM THAT WON’T STOP: Cannabis Millionaire Trader

Cannabis Millionaire Trader official websiteIn this review we uncover yet another cannabis scam, it is called Cannabis Millionaire Trader.

Cannabis Millionaire Trader wants you to believe that now it is the perfect time to invest into cannabis stocks.

The theory is that since cannabis is being legalized in North America, these stocks should soar. You are supposed to trade CFDs and make big money with negligible risk. Really?

Cannabis Millionaire Trader scam

There is a scam series that is abusing cannabis and unfortunately Cannabis Millionaire is part of it.

Just a copy

The same scamTo this date we have already reviewed several cannabis scams, and as you can see on our picture. Cannabis Millionaire Trader is the exact copy of the Green Leaf Fortune scam.

Other scams of the same kind are for example Cannabis Trader, Cannabis Millionaire, Weed Profit System and Weed Millionaire.

Not trading cannabis stocks

The important part of scams like Cannabis Millionaire Trader is that they will push you to trade with unregulated brokers that don’t even offer cannabis stocks!

The whole cannabis story is told just to make you believe there is something miraculous that can make you rich quickly.

How they get your money

Cannabis Millionaire Trader looks like a free program, but when you sign up, they will automatically open a trading account with an unregulated broker for you.

Then they will push you to deposit money into that account and trade. And that’s it, no matter what you do afterwards, the shady broker will never let you withdraw any money, they will just ask for more deposits.

Cannabis reality

Even if Cannabis Millionaire Trade let you trade cannabis stock, it still wouldn’t be a sure winner. You can make your own research, cannabis stocks have not performed well over the last 12 months.


Cannabis Millionaire Trader is a known scam that wants you to lose money with a shady broker. Stay away from it.

If you really want to try financial trading, do it on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Use the demo to learn trading and understanding of the risks. Then you will see if could succeed with real money.

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