SCAM WARNING: Auto Money App is a scam

This Auto Money App review explains why you should stay away from this binary options scam.

Auto Money App allegedly is a binary options trading software based on a loophole discovered by a genius kid Daniel Rosenberg. This software can allegedly make thousands of dollars.

And Auto Money App is free, so you can become rich for free. Really?

Auto Money App scam

The truth is that the whole Auto Money App story is a scam. Fake news with the aim of making you lose money.

Fake media

Let’s start with the media that inform about Rosenberg. At the beginning of the video you can see WGIT news and KPTV news. But these media are fake, they don’t exist.

You can try to google them and you will find nothing.

Daniel Rosenberg

You should also do a search on a genius kid Daniel Rosenberg. Again, in this case you will find nothing, just because this person does not exist.

Fake testimonials

In the Auto Money App video you can see people endorsing this program, but all the testimonials are fake. They were made with paid actors.

Here is one example. Look at the picture and you will see that this alleged user of Auto Money App played the role of the CEO of the Nesdek scam.

How it really works

The Auto Money App scam is very simple, it will push you to deposit money with a certain brokers, because people behind it are paid by this broker for referring new depositing clients. That’s how it works.

And if you deposit money with them and let Auto Money App trade your account, you will lose your money. End.


Auto Money App is a scam that can only lose your money, so stay away from it!

If you want to see how binary options really work and what you need to learn to really make money with them, try a free demo account with a regulated broker.

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