Scam warning: Automated Cash App

In this review we are going to examine the “Automated Cash App”, it is presented by Jason Howe.

Automated Cash App web siteHowe claims that he has an automated binary options piece of software that can generate you $1,000 – $7,000 per week from home. All you need is an internet connection, because the system is free. All you need to do in return is to provide feedback for his web site.

Howe also states that he used to work for financial institutions, but in order to become independent and spend more time with his family, he quit his job and started to trade on his own. Since then he worked on automating his trading strategy and the Automated Cash App is the result.

Automated Cash App is a scam

Howe tells almost no information, he shows only two things that can be discussed. First we have some video testimonials, unfortunately they are fake and made with paid actors, so you cannot trust them. It is the common thing for the majority of binary options scams, the Automated Cash App is no different.

The software
A rebranded app used by scammers.

The second thing that Howe shows is his trading app. And it is where he confirms that the Automated Cash App is a scam. Because the same app has been used by scammers all over again, the last time by Centument (see images in the article). The app is always the same, they just change the logo and colours.

And of course there is the usual lie that the system is free. No, you will first have to deposit $250 at least in order to be allowed to use it. So you cannot test it first, you have to immediately risk your own money. And guess what happens next? Trading with the Automated Cash App will lose your deposit.


The conclusion is always the same, don’t believe in any offer that promises you free money on binary options, these system are scams and do not work. Don’t get it wrong, you can make money on binary options, but you first have to learn trading on a free demo account. And only if you manage to be profitable on a demo, you can go live and trade with real money.

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