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Binadroid webIn this review we are going to prove that “BinaDroid” is a new binary options scam. It is presented by Troy Everett.

Everett says that when he was working for an investment company, he developed a profitable strategy using social trading platforms and trading signals gathered on the Internet, everything was based on Android.

He later discovered that his app was being sold by his employer to other companies for big money, so he left and started to work on his own. He gave the name Binadroid to his app. It allegedly has an 88% winning ratio and is making tens of thousands of dollars per month to its users. It is fully automated.

Now Binadroid is free for 150 people, later it allegedly will be sold for $2,500.

Binadroid is a scam

Troy EverettThe first thing we noticed is that Everett is a fictitious character played by a Fiverr actor.

But not only that, this guy also supported at least one other binary options scam, he played the role of Patrick Quinn in Spectre System, see the picture on the right.

So the Binadroid story is bogus and here we have the proof that is just another binary options scam.

If you sign up for it, you will have to open a binary options trading account with one of their brokers and deposit at least $250. And this will earn these scammers an affiliate commission, it is why they are doing it.

And if you then let Binadroid trade your account, you will lose your deposit. This is how binary options scam work.


BinaDroid is just another scam abusing binary options. They want your deposit, so stay away.

If you are interested in seeing how money can really be made with binary options, try a free demo. There you can learn to trade in order to make money.

For the second version see the Binabot – Binadroid 2 review.

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26 thoughts on “Scam warning – BinaDroid

  1. So….. what are the real binary option trader softwares online that are totally legit and not scams?? None???

    1. I don’t know about any profitable software. I mean it is like asking for free money. Who will give you money for free? I believe that nobody. People don’t share their profitable strategies. Either you build your own to make money, or you do something else, that’s my opinion.

  2. 2 wins out of 11 trades, total scam.
    Even the live demos are scams, they say they have winners but if you look closely at the screen you will see they have lost

  3. Hi John its James here and a I learnt today that a new BinaDroid came out today ‘BinaDroid 2’ and they claim to give live results and signal service to see where the signals they get come from, I think they really did outdo themselves this time but since I haven’t tried it its just an opinion could you review the new one to warn people early since it came out today, thanks John

  4. Great site. At least I see real objective comments here. Is there any binary option robots that aren’t a total scam or do we need to buy signals and perform the research ourselves? I wonder if you can find such a robot with maybe 60 to 70 percent ITM win rate and tie it with NADEX maybe.

      1. So I guess Binadroid, Copy Buffet and Binary Options Robot are all also scams? Have you checked these out also?

          1. So if there are no trusted binary robots or brokers who is a trusted binary signals provider without costing a lot?

  5. John Novak, THANK YOU for reliable info!!! I am a newbie who has already had to learn the hard way (lost some hard earned money) and now I almost obsessed with finding reliable information in this sea of investment-connivery. Your site has been one of the first REAL reliable review sites I have found. Please remain that way. Thanks again!

  6. I am quite surprised every body seems to making money with this software. if u look at binaryoptionswatchdog website. mostly all made money. It could be only some lost. Did u use to software yourself to have any opinions on this , that’s a scam???

    1. Hi, BinaryOptionsWatchDog is a scam web site. Read our warning and discussion under the article, WatchDog publishes fake comments and deletes the real ones. Also read comments below this Binadroid review to see real user results. And you can also read the review to see other proofs that it is a scam. People are losing money with it.

    2. Many of those review sites are scams as well. BOW, Quintup, in fact any website that doesn’t publish your plain but negative experience is involved in the scam. I think they put on the reviews themselves.

  7. 25 losses
    16 Wins
    Down from 250 to 197 in day 1
    Only take 1 trade at a time
    Max US$5
    300 sec trades
    This is supposed to be the safest setting.
    10/10 for their marketing efforts. if they could fool a fool like me then they are good.
    How do they manage all these so called “review companies” to help them market the product ???

    1. Hi, it’s very simple, Bindadroid and other scams have affiliate programs, so these “review” sites get paid for referring new victims to these scams.

  8. I lost on BinaDroid as well, it puts trades on random if anything. This is a shame. It doesn’t work, comments get deleted and youtubers don’t answer.

  9. I lost money on this scam as well….fell prey to one of the convincing sales pitches on Youtube and basically SPREADING THE WORD to as many people this is a fraudulent, Bullshit scheme with nefarious intentions inclined on robbing people of their hard earned money…what can I say? I’m a man on a mission….

    I filed a chargeback with my credit card company for the entire $250.00.

  10. Its a pitty to those that have lost money, do you accept any good and geniue system review if any?

  11. Binadroid are up $200 of my cash even on the low risk setting with $10 trades. All the other reviewers who shall remain nameless gave it high marks so I gave it a go. Its so funny how the so called honest reviewers always seem to make money in their reviews but when I try the software I lose.

    Its difficult to figure out which reviews are legit but you told the truth with this one and the rest so thank you.

  12. thank you. You are one of the only honest reviews. Binadroid blew through my cash in 1 day. Its a SCAM

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