Scam warning: Binary Wealth Builders review

In this review we are going to prove that “Binary Wealth Builders” is a binary options scam that you should avoid.

What it is about

Binary Wealth Builders is a binary options trading system presented by Jason Williams that is supposed to make you a lot of money. Williams says that he is one of the four guys behind this project. He says that they were scammed a lot of times and then they beat the system.

Why is Binary Wealth Builders a scam

Since the beginning of the presentation video you can see a lot of hints that this system is a scam. One of the nonsenses is when Simons says that they got the IP addresses of scammers and managed to redirect the links from their emails to their page. Technologically it is not possible, they say it just to make you believe that they are fighting scam, but it is a lie, in fact, they do the opposite.

Another funny thing is when they say that “scammers don’t want you to know that you can build your wealth gradually”. Really? Is this the biggest secret of the Binary Wealth Builders? Seriously, this is a very poor argument.

And when you hear the claim that there is a “zero chance of a trader losing their money” with their system, you should already know that it is a scam. Free money does not exist, it cannot exist in our world.

Anyway, do you want some tangible proofs that it is just a scam? Here are two proofs. We could provide more, but these should be enough.

When they show testimonials, they use bought (or stolen) photos. For example the photo of the lady comes from Getty images, so the testimonials are fake.

Fake testimonial.

Second one, when they show you screenshots of the trading account that made profits from January to March, they are not real, just fakes. Look at the image below, they say that this is how the binary options trading account looked right after opening, the initial balance was equal to the deposit of $250.

But the system already shows 2 open trades of $25, so the balance should be $200. Because with binary options the investments are deducted from your balance right after opening a trade. And when the trades end, you either get nothing or a profit, but only at expiry. But the real funny thing and biggest proof of scam is that the markets are closed on the 1st day of January every year, so in reality you could not have opened any positions on that day!

binary wealth builders system
Open trades with no change in balance? Open trades when markets were closed on the 1st day of January?


Binary Wealth Builders are just scammers that abuse binary options. Binary options are just like stocks or Forex, you can make money with them, moreover they are far more easier to understand, but you have to learn trading before you can make profits. And no free automatic system will do that for you, so beware of these scam systems.

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1 thought on “Scam warning: Binary Wealth Builders review

  1. This is another scam to watch out for.
    I filled in the online request information and from that time onward I have been called 20 times a day and night from telemarketers saying that they are stock brokers and pestering me to hand over $250 USD$.

    When I confronted them by saying if you are stock brokers then why are you calling me at 10pm and why is there a lot of background noise with people doing sales chants they said it is how they get sales.

    That’s when I knew it was a scam and till this day even when I said not to contact me again they are still calling but on different phone numbers.

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