Scam warning: Cash Crew App by George Patterson

Cash CrewThis review is about a new binary options scam called „Cash Crew“, it is presented by George Patterson.

Patterson says that he used to be a commodity trader in a hedge fund in Chicago. When he lost his job he started to look for new opportunities and together with his son they put together the Cash Crew binary options trading app.

Cash Crew is supposed to make you life changing money, $2000 is guaranteed in the first day. This is the statement that pops up when you try to leave the page. Isn’t that strange that somebody needs to beg you to make you money?

Cash Crew is a scam

George PattersonFirst of all George Patterson does not exist, his photo is taken from a public database and is used all over the Internet for marketing purposes. So the real person behind this project is hiding, there is no contact information.

Patterson says that trading results of his app have been “verified by a third independent party”. But who is that, when and how they verified these results? In fact, it is just an empty statement, nobody verified results, because they are fake.

If you keep watching for a while those supposedly live results, you will notice only winning trades appearing every few seconds with different names of traders. But it is a nonsense, because it would mean that there are unlimited trading opportunities on binary options that can be taken almost every second.

Cash Crew affiliate system.

But trading systems don’t work like this. Trading systems are based on signals that occur from time to time, certainly not every two seconds. And when a trading signal appears, the system takes it and the trade is the same for every trader using this system.

There is a lot of things that we could pinpoint to prove that Cash Crew is a scam, but it is better to ask yourself, how can they have an affiliate system promising high commissions to those who introduce new people to their system?

How it really works

The reality and the answer to the previous question is that Cash Crew is a pure scam. People behind it are affiliated with brokers and they will get paid for every new trader they bring to their brokers. This is way they can pay their own affiliates with a part of their commission. It is a system designed to take money from you and share it.

Because if you join Cash Crew, you will have to open a trading account, deposit money and let the system trade your account. And be sure that this way you would soon lose your deposit.

So as always we will close our review by saying that money can be made on binary options if you learn to trade and trade yourself. Don’t hope that somebody will trade for you and make you money for free, because it is impossible.

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