Scam warning: Citi News Markets on binary options

Citi NewsIn this review we are going to have a look at the „Citi News“ system on binary options. It is presented on by an anonymous guy who says that he got access to the system thanks to his friend.

His friend is supposedly a guru trader on binary options. The guy says that you don’t need any experience nor knowledge of financial markets in order to make money with this system. In fact, claims such as “no way you can lose money” are made.

Citi News is a scam

First of all you should quickly notice that this scam is using logos of the Citi Group, which is well known in the banking world. However it has nothing in common with the real Citi, they have no rights to use the Citi name and logo with this project on binary options. This alone means a fake identity and a sure scam.

But really, you should be very sceptical every time somebody promises you free money, which is what Citi News Markets does in this case. Saying that you cannot lose money on binary options is a big lie, because you can lose money in any investing activity and binary options are an investment tool.

The truth is always the same, people behind this scam are affiliated with brokers, so they need you to open an account and deposit money with their broker, because that will earn them a commission. Their system will then trade your account and lose your money.


You can make money with binary options. Although they are easier to understand than other investment tools, you still need to build a profitable strategy in order to make profits. Nobody will do this for you, certainly not for free as Citi News promises.

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