Scam warning: Confirmed Profits and

Today we are going to review a new binary options scam called “ConfirmedProfits” that is again based on It is presented by George Gabriel.

Confirmed Profits

confirmed profits web siteGabriel tells you the usual fairy tale. He is a software developer that created a binary options trading software that has a 96.6 % winning ratio. And he wants you to be a beta tester, it will make you tons of money. For free, of course.

All these are pure lies. Scammers are nowadays trying to impress with such stories, but they don’t realize they are all telling the same story.

In fact, you just need to read the disclaimer at the bottom of the Confirmed Profits page, it says: “Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results don’t represent actual trading. And since the trades haven’t been executed the results may have under-or-over compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. Simulated trading programs in general are also subject to the fact that they’re designed with the benefit of hindsight.“

But the best proof that ConfirmedProfits is a scam is the fact that it is based on Trade Verify, which is a very well-known scam, see below.

Trade Verify

We have already published an article that proves that is a scam. So you can check it to see that it is a web site created just to support other scams. There are no real information, no real contacts, the company does not exist nor is verified by a law firm. Nothing.

In fact, all the awards and badges on the web site are fake, you won’t find any real authority behind them. They don’t even have the right to use logos of Forbes, CNN and others.


Forget about free automatic binary options systems that will make you rich. Forget about free money.

The only way to make money on binary options is to learn and trade them yourself. You can start learning on a free demo account if you wish.

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Confirmed Profits and
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2 thoughts on “Scam warning: Confirmed Profits and

  1. I wished I stumble upon your post earlier. I lost $250 trying their software which I will never get back. comfirmed Profits is a huge scam. I feel like an idiot for even trying it out. Thank you John for posting this. I wish everyone can come to your post before trying it out.

  2. Thank you for investing your time in disclsing these scams. I have signed up on several of those miracle EA robots, but never deposited Money. Since then, I have been overwhelmed with solicitations from many others. I have watched the vídeos and noticed that one specific tiny cubicle with a PC has shown up with different people telling us how succesful they are.
    I am one of those who initially won alot by day trading, and have since lost it all. I study, anlayze and seem to do well, until my emotions kill me. I am now using .04 lots and even so, I am very sensitive to a small loss. I am working that out.
    I do have a question for you about MM brokers, if you could clarify, please. Blogs tend to warn about that they lead people to lose their Money. I use XTB in europe, and have set up my screen so that I can watch the Mkt (for exemple DAX) on live streaming while I trade on XTB. I did learnthat XTB is trading 30pts higher, which is critical when the DAX is at XX00 and XTB says it is at XX30. Now, I keep that in mind. Since I am in front of the PC while I day trade, I don’t let my SL get too close to the MKT price, to avoid having my position closed “out of nowhere”. Other than that, are there other issues ?
    Thank you,

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