Scam warning: Dow Jones Focus Group by Jeffery Richards

Today we are going to review a new binary options scam called the Dow Jones Focus Group. It is presented by Jeffery Richards.

What it is about

Dow Jones Focus Group web siteRichards says that he is the manager of the Dow Jones Focus Group that is supposed to test a trading software called Equinox.

This trading system was already tested back in 2014 and will be tested again this year.

Richard says that last year people made about $8000 in average, this year it should be more. Equinox is supposed to be a trading system developed by Dow Jones to generate winning trades and raise the index.

Why is the Dow Jones Focus Group a scam

Equinox trading system
Trading a lot of different assets, but not on Dow Jones.

Anybody who knows something about trading must be already laughing, Dow Jones developing a trading software to raise its value and making this system available to the public? Nonsense.

But there are some tangible proofs even for people who are completely new to trading.

  • Richards says that Equinox trades only the Dow Jones index. But look at the image from the trading system, it trades binary options on all sorts of assets. In reality you cannot trade binary options on the Dow Jones exchange, so Equinox obviously does not have anything in common with Dow Jones!
  • Richards says that trading results are verified. But by whom? We don’t see any verification whatsoever.
  • Testimonials
    These articles do not exist.

    On the Dow Jones Focus Group web page you can see some screenshots of articles about Equinox which supposedly were published in respectable media.

    But they are fake. Just type in google some of the titles, put them in quotes and you will see that these article do not exist! There has not been a single article about Equinox published by CNN, Sky News, Business Insider or any other media. You can contact these media and see for yourself that the testimonials about the Dow Focus Group are faked.

The truth

The Dow Jones Focus Group is in fact just an ordinary binary options scam that abuses famous names and marks. The only purpose of this project is to make you open a binary options trading account with their broker and deposit money into it, because it will generate commissions to people behind the Dow Jones Focus Group.

And because they have a generous affiliate program, you will also find a lot of fake reviews of this system on supposedly fair web sites like the They all are after your money, so beware. If you start trading with the Equinox system, you will lose your deposit.

Profits in trading come only with learning, testing on a free demo and building your own approach. This is the way you can make money on binary options.

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11 thoughts on “Scam warning: Dow Jones Focus Group by Jeffery Richards

  1. Question: So all I see is scam scam scam…..does anyone have the name of a legitimate program?

  2. All these clever promotional scams involving auto traders (robots or computers) could be using very accurate systems during the time they are being trial tested by independent Reviewers like Binary Options Watchdog, Scam Watchdog (Roy Tribble) and their friends for about 3 weeks. Pleased with the results the reviewers promote the software to thousands of traders who read their websites. The traders deposit money into the recommended brokers . Then the recommended brokers rake in thousands./millions of dollars in traders deposit monies. There are traders who report losing their own money due to the softwares not performing. Has the softwares been tweaked to lower the win rate so traders break even or lose. When this happens the brokers win and so does the Software promoters who receive a commission from the broker. I have only won $98 from Googletrader after 4 weeks of trading.

  3. well done guys for spotting the scam. I checked the BI article and it was related to another company. Another one is the Virtnext one. Again they quoted a billionaire investor but no record of him being the CEO.The real giveaway with theirs was that one of their awards was from the Costumer service center, yes I wrote it correctly costumer not consumer

  4. Hello Gerry, Rick and everyone out there,
    The worst nightmare is that binary options watchdog is in itself a scam and needs a watchdog. They never publish any negative comments about programs that have ‘bought them’ so they provide false endorsements and testaments for their scam masters. To name a few, God Digger, Cash Camp, Dow Jones, Google Trader have all sunk my deposits after i read positive reviews there and participated.
    They used my name and posted and endorsement for Cash Camp using my name and deceptively reworded my negative comments to a positive endorsement. So they are thieves as they steal your identity,

  5. Yup, post on Binary Option Watchdog here:

    Ask them about what is their defense to what is being said on this blog. Or even just ask for a link where Soros says he rocos the software, link for any news they are stating exist. Sarah is a joke and those guys are posting fake reviews acting like watchdogs. The worst of the worse and lowest of the lows. If you lost your money do a chargeback, especially if you are in the USA as the brokers they send you too are not legit for USA traders according to USA laws. Only NADEX is and all those phoney baloney software systems will not send you there. Binary Options Watchdog ought to be ashamed of yourselfs. How do you sleep? We know what you’re doing. How bout you defend your actions here? Everyone is going to see about you now on this blog and discover you are of same cloth as Roy/Justin Tribble LOL!

  6. Thank you sir for this post. I tried this and you are correct, it’s a farce and you are spot on about the fake reviews. They will not approve your comments if you raise any suspicions, etc. I especially get a laugh at the phoney Sarah over their. I tried this as thought BOW was legit but they are scammers like the rest!

    Consider yourself lucky to find this post…

  7. Binary options Watchdog is giving this a good review i don’t know why it the same as the dow jones app the testimonials on both are fiverr actors i thought he was exposing scams not promoting them

  8. okay, so for you to saying that, did you try the software and lost your money? if so then tell us when?

    1. We did not try the software, there is no need to try it as we provide proofs that they make false statements and that they provide faked proofs of their presence in the mentioned media. Please read the article.

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