Scam warning: Einstein Method on binary options

This review is about a new binary options scam called the “Einstein Method“, it is presented by Dale Dominic.

What is it about

Einstein MethodDominic tells a story about how he got access to a special trading app. One day he answered to a classified add and then he got contacted by a certain Dr. Stein that wanted him to test his app. The Einstein App supposedly takes advantage of loopholes in financial markets that are time and location limited.

So Dominic says that you can use the Einstein App for a limited time only, if it is available in your country. He promises between $2,000 and $3,000 per day and a total of $100,000 to $1,000,000. The cap is at one million dollars because of the limits of the loophole. The Einstein App should have a 92 % winning ratio.

Why is the Einstein Method a scam

Dale DominicThere are several things that prove that the Einstein App is a scam. Let’s go through some of them.

  1. Dominic says that the loophole is open only for a limited time in each country. But he also says that the Einstein App will go public and be sold for $4,997 from February. It does not make sense, as the testers will use the loopholes windows during testing, so later the app can no longer work.

  2. Dominic says that because of the limitations the earning’s cap is at one million, so how could Dale be at $1,374,078 in January and be saying also in January that he made 3 million dollars in the last 2 months?

  3. Dates do not match = fake.
    Dates do not match = fake.

    The Paypal statements shown in video are fake. Look at the image, the filter is set to withdrawals from August 3rd, but it shows withdrawals from earlier dates. It means that the statement is fake, dates do not match, they just forgot to fake them too.

  4. The Einstein App is not free. You won’t be able to use it until you deposit $250 at least. You cannot even test it for free on a demo.


The Einstein Method is the usual binary options scam. Some affiliates make money for every new person that opens a trading account and deposits money with their broker, so they tell you these lies to persuade you just to do that.

So if you open and account and deposit money with them, these scammers will earn a commission from their broker. And if you then trade your account with their app, you will lose your money. Period.

Make no mistake, you can make money with binary options if you learn how to trade, you can try it really for free on a demo. But never believe anybody offering you free money with a binary options app that you cannot test before you deposit.

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