Scam warning: God’s Treasure on binary options

God's Treasure projectToday we are going to review a very disgusting binary options scam called the “God’s Treasure”. It is presented by Pastor Robert Craig Jacobs.

In a short video presentation of the God’s Treasure system you are told that Pastor Jacobs has discovered a secret code in the bible called the Torah code. It supposedly helps to work with trends on financial markets and God’s Treasure is the first binary options trading strategy based on this code.

Jacobs says that governments and intelligence agencies are trying to destroy the code and that he is being threatened. You are asked to sign up in order to help him.

God’s Treasure scam

All the binary options scams that we have seen are disgusting, but this one really stands out. Because abusing people’s religious beliefs is really extraordinary. Let’s put it straight, Pastor Robert Craig Jacobs presented in the video does not exist, it is a fake story. The same goes for the God’s Treasure trading system.

This project is run by an international group of scammers that are continuously creating new scams. Just look at the God’s Treasure trading platform (picture above), it is the same as the Platinum Profits platform, they just changed the logo. It is the same scam recycled and used under a new name.

It works the same way as all the scams that abuse binary options. These people have affiliate contracts with a broker (Titan Trade in this case) that will pay them for every new trader they refer.

So they need you to open a new trading account through their system and with their broker so that they get paid. You will have to deposit at least $250 and their crappy system will then trade your account and lose your money.


Binary options are being abused massively, but they are a standard and regulated investment tool. As in all investing you can make money with binary options, but it requires time and effort, you have to build a profitable strategy and trade it yourself.

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  1. I am looking for a great broker that allows USA that doesn’t cheat you. I tried and got scammed a few x’s and am leary but I know there are some people making legit money from these in the US.

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