Scam warning: Golden Binary Profits by Jack Johnson

In this article we are going to review a binary options scam called “Golden Binary Profits”, it is presented by Jack Johnson.

What are Golden Binary Profits about

Jack Johnson says that he has a free automated software that can trade your binary options account and make you a lot of money. In fact, Jack Johnson promises to pay you 15.000 dollars out of his pocket, if his system fails.


Golden Binary Profits by Jack Johnson
Familiar face…

When we opened the Golden Binary Profits presentation, we immediately recognized a familiar face. Scammers are definitely running out of people, how funny. Because not so long ago we reviewed another scam called the APL Bot by Gunnar Erikkson. And guess what, it is the same guy!

So Gunnar Erikkson became Jack Johnson and is again giving away a miraculous piece of binary options trading software that will make you millionaire. In reality it is very sad how unscrupulous scammers are, the same people make new scams over and over.

So there is no need to study further the Golden Binary Profits system, because it is presented by a known scammer.


We could literally copy and paste our conclusion every time we review a new scam. Don’t believe these offers where somebody says that he will make you money for free! The reality is that they will make you open a binary options trading account and deposit money into it, so you will have to pay. Then their software will lose all your money on this account.

Binary options are similar to stocks or commodities, although easier to understand, you have to first learn trading, if you want to make money with them.

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