SCAM WARNING – High Frequency Trader review

High Frequency Trader scamIn this High Frequency Trader review we are going to prove that we are dealing with a dangerous binary options scam.

High Frequency Trader is an automated binary options trading software that allegedly can make you millionaire very quickly.

It takes advantage of High Frequency Trading (HFT).

High Frequency Trader scam

We’ve already said it many times and we will repeat it again: high frequency trading is totally useless on binary options! It is because HFT is based on milliseconds advantages, but the minimum expiry on binary options is 30 seconds.

So milliseconds won’t make any difference in the vast majority of binary options trades. So scammers trying to fool you with high frequency trading are using a lie very easy to debunk.

Also consider this: Why would anybody invest millions of dollars into HFT technology and then give the access to the trading software for free? It is of course a total nonsense.

The software

High Frequency Trader appThe easiest way to prove that High Frequency Trader is a scam is to show you the software. Because it is an app created and used by binary options scammers only.

The exact same app is used for example by Nesdek and Terran Capitals scams, look at the picture.

So nothing unique about it, a crappy software that is recycled again and again by scammers.


Fake testimonialsAll the High Frequency Trader testimonials you can see in the video and on their web page are fake.

They were made with paid actors and stolen and stock photos.

Take a look at the picture to see a few examples.

What is shown in the video is literally impossible, you cannot turn $250 into $5000 in a few seconds on binary options, because the shortest expiry is 30 seconds and the highest return on investment about 90 %.

The truth

So how does High Frequency Trader really work? It is very simple, scammers are affiliated with some unregulated brokers and will get paid for referring new depositors. So to convince you to deposit money with their broker they need you to believe scthat they can make you money. Hence this story about High Frequency Trader.

But if you follow them, deposit money and let their software trade your account, you will lose money. Simple as that.


Let us conclude this High Frequency Trader review by saying that is a dangerous scam full of lies. It will lose your money if you trade with it. Binary options got abused again.

If you are interested in seeing how money can really be made with binary options, try a free demo account. There you can try to build a profitable strategy to achieve real profits.

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