Scam warning: Irish Method, Hollandse Methode and Swiss Methode

The Irish Method

In this review we are going to have a look at three new binary options scam that in fact are just clones of the famous Jake Pertu and The Aussie Method.

All these scams are the same, they promise you money on binary options through a free trading system.

But as with every other scam you will be forced to open a trading account with a selected broker and deposit your own money. Then you’ll trade your account with their system and lose your money. End of story.

The Irish Method

First we have here The Irish Method presented by Jason Flanagan.

But wait, doesn’t Flanagan have the exact same face as Pertu?

Yes he does, because as mentioned earlier, it is the same binary options scam.

De Hollandse Methode

De Hollandse MethodeAnother clone of this scam is called De Hollandse Methode, it is presented by Frits van Dijk.

Or in English it is called The Dutch Method.

This time the face changes, but it still is the same scam, the rest remains the same.

Die Swiss Methode

Die Swiss MethodeAnd now straight to Switzerland with the Swiss Methode.

It is presented by Max Fisher.

And this time the face is the same as with the Hollandse Methode, so another proof of scam.

Il MeIl metodo Italianotodo Italiano

Another cloned is called Il Metodo Italiano and you guessed it, it is in Italian.

You can see on the image that it is basically the same thing.

This time the name is Giovanni Berti.


The Irish Method, De Holandse Methode, Swiss Methode an Il Metodo Italiano are all the same scam based on the same principle. And we have every reason to believe that the same people are behind all these international binary options scams.

So ignore scammers who try to abuse binary options. Binary options are a totally legit trading instrument and easy to understand. You can try a free demo account to see if you are able to trade profitably and make money with them.

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