Scam warning: Million Dollar Duplicator by Michael Bradley

In this review we are going to have a look at a binary options scam called “Million Dollar Duplicator”, it is presented by Michael Bradley.

What is it about

Million Dollar Duplicator web siteThe Million Dollar Duplicator is supposed to be an automatic binary options trading system that can duplicate trades on your account. Michael Bradley is promising you at least $30.000 per month.

He says that if you don’t succeed, the system will remain yours for free and you will get $2.000 as a compensation.

Why it is a scam

The Million Dollar Duplicator is full of lies, fake account statements and fake testimonials. Bradley uses the usual lie that his system is free, that you can put away your credit card. It is not true, because in order to use his system you will have to open a binary options trading account and deposit money, there is no other way. So you will be risking and losing Michael Bradleyyour own money.

Now consider this:

  • Michael Bradley does not exist, his photo is a photo from a public database used all over the Internet. There is no real contact information, no address, no company name.
  • The counter of remaining spots is fake, reload the page and there will again be many free places.
  • Logos of Forbes, CNN and others are there to make it look solid, be the Million Dollar Duplicator does not have the rights to use these famous logos.
  • They say that their trades and profits are verified. But by whom? In fact it is just an empty statement.
  • Testimonials in the video are made with paid actors.


Contact information. Really?
Contact information. Really?

The Million Dollar Duplicator is a typical binary options scam. Michael Bradley (or whatever his name is) made up his story for one and only reason: he is a binary options affiliate, so he is going to earn money with each new trader that he sends to his broker.

So he does not care about what happens after you open your trading account and deposit money. His system will then trade your account and lose your money.

Money can be made with binary options, but not with free automatic trading systems. There is no free money. Traders have to learn the basics and build their own profitable strategies on a free demo account in order to make profits in binary trading.

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14 thoughts on “Scam warning: Million Dollar Duplicator by Michael Bradley

  1. Hi. I am from Croatia, I must to tell you that I was be stupid and I lost my 250$, and my sallary is about 500-600$ on month. so, now I cry

  2. Thanks just paid 250 and they were telling me to pay a nother 250 but now iknow it is ascam

  3. How do you stop this kind of people ? Everytime I try to work, I get an email and they are live so convincing. Look at this site promoting this MR. Bradley or whatever his name is…

    1. The thing is that scams have affiliate programs, they pay people for new victims, this why there are so many fake review sites promoting scams through affiliate links…

      1. John, PLEASE let me stress not all affiliate programs or agents are scams. I am an Affiliate Advertiser, Marketer, Merchandiser and agent. And the products are sell are all genuine, real I sell product via reportable companies and also try to help others to make money online via this system. It’s a good method to supplementing your full time income, after the entire internet is open 24/7 around the world. So anybody who reads his column please keep an open mind thank you.

        1. Hi Andy, I fully agree with you. It’s just that the vast majority of binary options robots and signal services unfortunately are scams. In fact I haven’t seen any profitable binary options robot or signal service so far. But there is of course a whole range of other great products as you say.

    2. It is very difficult to stop them apart from changing my emails address, and notify all genuine contacts that you have change your details. Alternatively if you have a blocker within your email you can try this. But you will find that they will just change their address to contact you again.

      Good luck Emmanuel Srivastava

  4. Yes ! its ( million dollar duplicator) absolutely a scam. my friend was trick in investing 250 dollars and lost in a week.

  5. Thank you for this info. I wont waste anymore time on these people. I was almost tricked by them.

    SYSTEM CREATOR ????? seems to work every where these days take a look below

  7. Your analyst is sooo right but let me explain further more. All of those softwares are all made the same way and in fact they are all put up by the same people who desing casisos softwares.
    Think for 1 minit , they claim there softwares a re working 24/24 7/7 so tell me how the hell can
    you trade anything when the stocks markets are close?? Few years ago the gimmick was to sell stuff and you would became gzillionaires and of course it never worked and then the casinos
    came in , do you know anyone winning with the on line casinos ?? So now they riged up this
    nonsense gimmick and they tell you to send 250$ upfront to some broker somewhere on internet
    that you never heard about witch is the same as sending money to an African guy who say you got 1m $ waithing for you. Those poeple should be in jail and trow away the key. I’v been reporting those scam to IC3 (fbi) but since there server are located in some shady countries it is very hard to get to them crooks. BTW don’t beleive a word about those testimony they are all fakes and the proof is you’ll se the same persons in other scams.
    Feel free to copy my comment and spread the word .

    1. I don’t know who wrote this but I found it very racist and very type casted (sending money to an African guy)? This is very damming are portrays all African as fakes and crooks. The picture we can all see is a white person however; this can be anybody from around the world. However, the overall statement I find is true… There are so many fake trading website out there. It is impossible to known that they are real and genuine.

      Some of these fakes even call you to get your money… when you ask them to stop calling you and to remove your name and details from there system. They sell your details to another of these phoney or fake partners. In one week I got over 25 calls and endless emails… When I ask them to email their details… Sometimes I received nothing or a copy of a website that I have already advised that I was not interested. So they are calling me under a fake business name to get my payment by claiming and stating that they have a high win rate. You ask for proof and you receive nothing. Plus what out for the special offers that they offer some are very misleading and can cause you to loss more money or you can have difficulty with drawing your money, because of the hidden clauses, that they don’t tell you about. They always claim it is free to start and NO money to pay. All lies and fake you will lose your money and then they will tell you “this is the risk you take and nothing is guaranteed.” They have just earned their commission from your payments; and you have gained nothing but loss $250 or £175 to £180 pending the exchange rate in your country.

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