Scam warning: MoneyMakerBot by Duncan Michaels

This review is about a binary options scam called “MoneyMakerBot”, it is presented by Duncan Michaels.

What it is Money Maker Bot about

MoneyMakerBot web siteMichaels says that together with his friends from hedge funds he developed an automated binary options trading system that has a 83.8 % success rate.

According to Michaels Money Maker Bot can make you millionaire within four months. And you can get a free access, you can use the app for free.

Why is MoneyMakerBot a scam

Duncan MichaelsMoneyMakerBot is an ordinary binary options scam that works like this: In order to use the trading bot, you will have to open an account and deposit $250 at least. This will earn an affiliate commission to scammers that are behind the MoneyMakerBot.

Then you will trade your account with their robot and it will lose your money. End.

Want to see some proofs? Let’s have a look at Duncan Michaels. It is a fictitious character, in reality he does not exist, his photo comes from a public marketing database.

testimonialsAnd what about the testimonials? They are made with paid actors, of course. Here is one example. The woman in the MoneyMakerBot video is a known scammer, she already acted and supported many binary options scams in the past.

Look at the image on the right, she acted in Sarah’s Confession and Deepnet Trading – both are proven scams.


Never trust anybody who promises you free money on binary options. Such offers are scams based on the scheme explained above, the MoneyMakerBot is not an exception.

If you are really interested in making money with binary options, try a free demo and see how this simple investment tool works. You can learn, trade and see if you could be profitable on a real account.

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