SCAM WARNING: Moscow Millionaire review with proofs

Moscow Millionaire websiteThis review of the Moscow Millionaire shows that this trading program is a scam. It is presented by Dimitry Artemovich.

Moscow Millionaire is a binary options robot that will generate trading signals and trade them for you on your account. It is allegedly very profitable and can make you $10,000 per week.

And the worst of all things is that this program is free. So, is it worth trying? No!

Moscow Millionaire scam

The harsh truth is that Moscow Millionaire is a scam. Not only it won’t make you any money, it will lose the deposit that it will push you to make!

Dimitry Artemovich

Dimitry Artemovich is a scammerArtemovich is a fictitious character played by an actor. By a Fiverr actor. Look at our picture and you will see that anybody can hire this guy.

So there is no company, no real trading software, no development, nothing.

If fact, the entire story is completely bogus, nothing you can hear in the video is true.

The risk disclaimer says it allHow can we be so sure about that? It’s easy, scammers admit it in their risk disclaimer, the video is fictitious and should be seen as entertainment only.

And although Artemovich says you are guaranteed to make money with Moscow Millionaire, the risk disclaimer explicitly says that there are no guarantees whatsoever.

Fake reviews

Reviews are fakeHere we have the proof that the Moscow Millionaire testimonials are fake too. As you can see on our picture, paid actors have been used for the reviews too.

So these people are not real users of the system, they are just lying about it for money, that’s it.

Scam software

And finally we have the Moscow Millionaire trading robot. It is based on a scam software that has a fake demo.

This fake demo will generate a lot of profits in testing to make you believe it is profitable, but they will be based on a fake price feed. It is a very dirty trick!

In real trading the software is losing money, because real results cannot be faked.

The truth

How does Moscow Millionaire really work? It will push you to deposit with an unregulated broker, because people who run this scam are getting paid by this very same broker for referring new depositors. This is the basic principle.

Now you know that if you deposit through their software, scammers will get their commission and their software will lose your money in trading.


Moscow Millionaire is a simple scam that will make you deposit money and lose it with an unregulated broker.

If you are interested in making money in trading, try a free demo account with a regulated broker.

On the demo you can learn and build a profitable strategy. Once you have it, you can start trading with real money, not before.

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