SCAM WARNING – Numberion review

Numberion websiteIn this Numberion review we look at proofs showing that you are facing a binary options scam. It is presented by Ben Sherman.

Sherman claims to be a very rich man who will reveal his earnings secret to you for free. So how does he do it?

He trades binary options with the Numberion app. This trading software trades on autopilot, so you don’t have to learn anything.

And Sherman is now willing to give you the Numberion app for free so that you become a member of the Double Comma Club.

Numberion scam

Let’s go straight to the point. Ben Sherman is a fictitious character and all things you see in this video are lies. Scammers used stolen videos of other people driving cars, partying etc.

Sherman does not exist and the only purpose of the Numberion scam is to take money away from you.

Testimonials and awards

Fake testimonialsIn the Numberion video you can see a lot of testimonials, people are endorsing the Double Comma Club and saying that they are earning thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately all the testimonials are totally fake, paid actors were used to tell lies. Look at the picture on the right, you’ll see one example, this woman is selling her soul for five bucks on Fiverr.

The same applies for the awards presented on the Numberion website. The photos were stolen from this Birmingham Post article and do not have anything in common with this program.

Numberion Money App

Numberion AppWe also tested the Numberion app that is supposed to be a profitable binary options trading software.

And we immediately recognized an app designed and used by scammers only. It is a piece of software used by many binary options scam, recently we’ve seen it used by Binary Options Probot or Quantum Code scams for example.

This app is losing money to its users, we have a lot of feedback about it.

The truth

The Numberion scam works like this: scammers will get paid for every new depositor they can refer to unregulated binary options brokers. This is why they made up their story about a profitable app.

So if you sign up with them, you’ll be pushed to deposit money with a certain broker. If you do it, scammers will earn their commission and you will lose your deposit in trading with their app. End of story.


Numberion is a scam that abuses binary options, it offers an app that loses money, so stay away from it.

Real money can be made in binary options trading only with a proper strategy. You can try to build one on a free demo account.

No free software will do that for you, you have to put some work into it.

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