Scam warning: Online Black Market by Paul Connor

In this review we are going to have a look at a binary options scam called the “Black Online Market”. It is presented by Paul Connor.

We have to admit that this scam is really original. Nevertheless it is still a scam. Paul Connor pretends to be an investigative journalist that uncovers secret trading systems. He says that he has found a piece of software that can make you huge money on binary options. And he will give it to you for free, of course!

He published a video with his alleged investigation, which in fact is just a marketing video. Just look at his page, it is a page that is trying to look like a Youtube page, but in fact it is a fake. You cannot click on the functions or other videos and the testimonials under the video are fake. Try to add a comment yourself and you’ll see, it is impossible.

Online Black Market web site  Paul Connor on Youtube
The fake YouTube page and the real YouTube page of the Online Black Market.

So the conclusion is the same as with other binary options scams. Connor is a binary options affiliate that will get commissions for every new trader that he refers to his broker. That is why he crated this fake video, he needs you to open a trading account and deposit money into it, because it will earn him money.

If you do that and trade with his system, you will then lose your deposit. So don’t believe Paul Connor and his Online Black Market. You can make money on binary options only if you learn and trade them yourself.