Scam warning – Profit Maker Method

ProfitMakerMethodIn this review we are going to have a look at a new binary options scam called “Profit Maker Method”. It is presented by Timothy Hollingdale.

Hollingdale claims that he used to work for Barclays and that with the knowledge he gained he was able to create a software that can trade binary options profitably. It is called Profit Maker.

His trading app allegedly has an 87% winning rate and works on autopilot. It means that you just have to turn it on and watch accumulating profits.

Hollingdale is now offering a 30 day trial, so you can get Profit Maker Method for free.

Profit Maker scam

lieTimothy Hollingdale is a fictitious character played by an actor, his story is complete fiction.

He obviously knows nothing about binary options trading.

You can see it clearly when he is talking about binary options returns, he says that you will get 96 % on winning trades.

AppBut this is a nonsense, no binary options broker offers that much.

ProfitMakerMethod forces you to trade with Tradorax, where you can get a maximum of 85 %, see image on the right.


TestimonialThe beginning of the Profit Maker is really funny. You see people saying they withdraw $2,200 – $2,300 every morning from their banking accounts.

Why would they do that? Who needs $2,200 every day in cash? It is of course another piece of fiction with paid actors.

And the testimonials on their web page are fake too, the photos have been stolen from different places on the Internet. Look at the girl on the right, you’ll see where her picture is from.

CopyBuffett link

tosThe biggest fun comes with Terms and Conditions. Scammers know that they are going to lose your money, so they placed a warning that there are no guarantees at all about your results with Proit Maker Method.

But as you can see on the picture on the right, there is one sentence in the TOS that speaks about CopyBuffett, which is another well known binary options scam. So we must assume that both these scams were made by the same people, they just forgot to edit everything properly.


Stay away from the Profit Maker Method. The first thing you would have to do is to deposit at least $250. If you do it, their app will then trade your account and lose your money.

If you want to see how binary options trading really works, try a really free demo. There you will see what you have to learn in order to make money with binary options.

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