SCAM WARNING: Second Investment review

Second Investment brokerIn this review we show that Second Investment is a scam that you should absolutely avoid.

SecondInvestment is a binary options broker that offers a managed account that is supposed to make you at least $1,000 per week.

This managed account is free, so can you make money for free with Second Investment? Of course not!

Second Investment scam

Managed accountAt first we came across the Second Investment presentation you can see on the pictures and we were not sure what it is about. Nowhere it says that it is in fact an online binary options broker.

But the short web and video presentation promise an easy second income. They say you have nothing to do, just open an account, deposit and watch money come.

Testimonials are fakeThe problem is that the video and the web are full of fake testimonials made with paid actors. Look at the picture to see the proof. This woman sells fake testimonials on Fiverr and we have seen her endorsing a lot of scams.

Another thing, do you think that if somebody knows how to make money in trading, that he opens a brokerage and gives his strategy for free to others? Of course not! Yet this is what Second Investment is trying to make you believe. A broker that is giving you free money… Total nonsense!

Not regulated

Trading softwareAnother major problem of SecondInvestment is that it is a broker that has no license whatsoever. Which means that it cannot provide its services legally in countries that regulate binary options trading, which are basically almost all countries with developed financial markets (USA, Canada, EU countries, Australia, Japan, etc.)

It also means that Second Investment is not under supervision of an independent authority and that your money on the trading account would not be insured.

So there is a lot of reasons not to trade with Second Investment.


Second Investment is a scam broker, because it uses false promises and fake testimonials. Moreover it is not regulated. Stay away from it!

If you want to trade binary options, do it with a regulated broker that offers a free demo.

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5 thoughts on “SCAM WARNING: Second Investment review

  1. This guy is called Jacob Stone. Do not buy anything from him. He hassles you none stop. They claim to be in the Gherkin up town.
    He has assistance from a man with a Geordie accent, who initiated contact with me informing me I had €243 lodged in an account with them. They claimed that I had never traded with them, if I wanted to I could withdraw this sum. So, I tried. Fat chance heh, I needed to deposit more with them to qualify for withdrawals.
    Then they stepped it up a bit, using any desk, with Chloe’s help, they wanted me to open accounts with coin base and bitcoin wallet! I actually gave them false information as the alarm bells were by now deafening. It was totally untrue that I had even made an initial deposit with them.
    OMG, are there any decent brokers out there, trading is difficult enough without these charlatans round every corner. Does anyone have someone they trust?

  2. I lost all the money I invested with Second Investment ($15,000 US). A total scam. Please be aware.

  3. A very timely review. I was contacted today at lunchtime by phone. The person calling said his name was Daniel Vincent. It took me a while to understand what he was calling about, something to do with a binary bot, he was a developer?, asking about my previous experience with a bot, all very confusing. Eventually he said that he would like to show me something and was prepared to wait until I could be online. I arranged to call him back and when I did he asked me to google “anydesk” which I did with some concerns, then asked me to download it! I said. absolutely NO WAY! He told me to check my email for a message from him which he had just sent, which I did, and invited me to click the link. It looked just like a normal website address for, but I decided not to click his link but open a new tab and enter the address manually. He instructed me to click on LOG IN enter my email address and gave me a password to enter and there on the page was my full name. Next he said “see the link for Deposit, click on that”. Out of curiosity I did, which came up with a page with credit and debit card logos. I immediately said, again, there is absolutely no way I am going to deposit any money into this account! Then I got the questions – “you seem to be holding back, what’s holding you back” etc. So I said I would NOT be pressurised, I would want to look into it, and might take a look around their website, to which he asked “why do I want to look round the website, it wouldn’t tell you anything”! At that point I told him I was ending the call. Later I looked back at the website, and under my account details they had my full name, email address and phone number.

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