Scam warning: SuperAlertsPro on binary options

superalertsproresultsWe came across a rebranded binary options scam that is called SuperAlertsPro (or ProSuperTrader). It is being promoted in several languages, but it is something that we have already seen, more in this review.

When we first saw this new system, we immediately knew that it is very similar to BinaryBotPro. Indeed, it is often promoted on the same domains, the same stories are used and the same promises are made.

So what’s the story? In case you missed the other scam, SuperAlertsPro is promoted by a fake professional trader who says the he will give you his binary options trading system that generates him a big income for free.

The system is supposed to trade your account automatically whenever you want it to do so, or to give you trading signals. But as you can see, it is really just the BinaryBotPro scam rebranded with a new name. So we don’t need to test it again, because we know what the results would be.

These trading systems have a winning ratio of about 50 percent, which of course means that there is nothing behind them. In our experience the end result is a long term loss.

As you can see on the images below, SuperAlertsPro (or ProSuperTrader) is promoted using the same scam techniques, they just change the name under the photo of the trader, like here Antoine Leroi,Frank Neumann, Robert Hunt or Thomas Leitner (betrug, schwindel). The fake bank account statements in the videos are also renamed, everything else stays the same. Now there is also a rebranded version called ProSuperTrader.

That’s it, now you see the truth. But as we often repeat, this is not a reason not to trade binary options at all, because they can earn you money. You just have to progress step by step and learn trading yourself. And use a reputable broker so that you don’t you lose your deposit even before you start trading. The risk free way is on a no deposit demo.

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