Scam warning: The Kiwi Method with Jake Mason

The Kiwi MethodThis review is about the binary options scam “The Kiwi Method” of Jake Mason.

Mason says that he has a binary options trading system that will make you hundreds of thousands of dollars within one month, guaranteed, or he’ll pay you $10,000 out of his own pocket.

His system is free, but there is allegedly a limited amount of free spots.

The Kiwi Method is a simple scam

We are dealing here with one of the most cloned scams in the binary options history, although the basic principle remains the same as with all other scams.

People who created it are affiliated with certain brokers, so they are getting paid for referring new depositors. That’s right, The Kiwi Method is not free, the first thing you will have to do is to deposit at least $250 with a selected broker.

ComprasionIf you then trade your account with The Kiwi Method, you’ll lose your money. But that will not matter to these scammers, because they will already have earned their commission on you.

The mother of this scam is The Aussie Method of Jake Pertu, but as you can see on the image on the right, there are many other clones, for example Die Swiss Methode, De Hollandse Methode or the Irish Method.

The story, video, guarantee and testimonials are always the same, they just change the title, the photo and the name of the main guy.


The Kiwi Method is an international scam that is cloned for a lot of countries, so don’t lose money with it.

If you got interested in trying binary options, do it on a free demo where you don’t risk anything. You’ll see that binary options are simple, but you still need a good trading strategy to make money with them.

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  1. I bet whoever owns this scam, also own this website:

    TLDR: It;s a review website that is predictably positive about the Kiwi Method

    1. Yes, just on of the many fake review binary options web sites that in reality promote scams with affiliate links.

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