Scam warning: The Safe Zone Strategy by Tony Flanagan

This review is about a binary options scam called the “Safe Zone Strategy”, it is presented by Tony Flanagan.

What is the Safe Zone Strategy about

Safe Zone Strategy web siteFlanagan tells a story of a trading system that trades price peaks. He supposedly managed to make an automated program for this strategy with the help of four other people.

He claims that the Safe Zone Strategy is adjusting itself, in other words that it is learning with each trade to become better and reach a higher winning ratio.

Flanagan says that the current Safe Zone Strategy winning ratio is 76 % and that he wants it to increase to 86 %. He says that if he trades alone, the software will improve to that level in two years, but if another 100 people trade with him, it will take just two months.

Why is the Safe Zone Strategy a scam

First of all Flanagan speaks about proofs of results, but he gives none. Secondly his story makes absolutely no sense. Markets are the same for everybody, so it doesn’t make any difference if the software trades for one or one hundred people, because it can always take only the same trades.

So for example if there is a trading opportunity on the EUR/USD, the Safe Zone Strategy can take this trade for one person or 100 people, but it will still be the same trade and the system would not learn anything more. For analysing potential other entries, you can analyse historical price data.

Then you also have claims like: “You can earn between $2188 and $5000 daily, regardless to your education and skills.” Then compare it with the Risk Disclaimer at the bottom of the page, it says that Safe Zone Strategy does not make or express any warranties or guarantees that you will make money and that you have to “have the knowledge to understand Binary Options trading and the underlying assets and markets.”


The Safe Zone Strategy is a binary options scam like many others. Flanagan is in fact affiliated with brokers, so he will get paid for every new trader that he refers. You will have to deposit at least $300 and the Safe Zone Strategy will then lose your money.

So if you are really interested in trading binary options, start with learning the basics, then open a demo account and test until you are profitable. Only then you can think about going live.

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