Scam Warning – Top Binary Signals – review

topbinarysignalsThis review of Top Binary Signals is a warning, it is a scam that you should avoid.

One of our readers asked us about Top Binary Signals and the broker Eclipse Finance, but we had no information about them. This reader said that he has been scammed by these two entities, so we started to investigate.

Top Binary Signals is a binary options signals service that promises a win rate between 75 and 85 %. Which would of course mean very nice trading profits.

You can either buy the signals or get them for free if you sign up with one of the recommended brokers. And here we go, this is the typical scam scheme.

Top Binary Signals scam

scamJust by looking at the Top Binary Signals website you can find hints that it is a scam. Of course common sense tells us that nobody will give money away for free, no matter if it is in the shape of signals or a trading system.

But you can also have a look at the awards that Top Binary Signals allegedly won. You can quickly see that they are fake. First of all the Top Binary Signals service has been created in 2014, so it could not have won awards in 2011 or 2013. Then you can also check that it did not win any European Banking Award in 2014.

Now this lie alone means that it is a scam.

Reviews and testimonials

brokersBut the biggest proof of scam is the overwhelming amount of complaints about Top Binary Signals. And Eclipse Finance, which is one of the brokers they push you to, the other one is SupaBinary. Both are of course unregulated.

Our reader told us that he has not been able to withdraw his money and unfortunately he is not alone. There are many complaints about the Top Binary Signals / Eclipse Finance duo.

Unfortunately with unregulated brokers it is very difficult to resolve any problems, because there is no authority overseeing them. Eclipse Finance provides a London address, but the real headquarters are very probably somewhere else. They are certainly not regulated by the FCA. Owners remain anonymous.


Top Binary Signals is a big scam, there is a lot of complaints about this binary options service. It cooperates with unregulated brokers that won’t let you withdraw your money.

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