Scam warning: Trade Tracker Pro

TradeTrackerProIn this review we are going to have a look at a new binary options scam called “Trade Tracker Pro”. It is presented by Derek Stone.

Stone claims to be an ordinary employee of a bank that just left his job to make money with Trade Tracker Pro. It is an app that trades binary options, it is allegedly used on Wall Street.

Stone has been allegedly offered a deal, either he makes $80,000 in his first month with this software or he will be given his usual salary $35,000. In his video Stone is trying to prove that Trade Tracker Pro works.

Trade Tracker Pro is a scam

30minutesThe presentation of Trade Tracker Pro is so poor that anybody should be able to see that it is a scam.

A guy quitting his job to test a software that he has not seen before, yet he is making a real sales pitch, since the first minute he is convincing you how it is easy to set up and that you cannot lose any money with it?

How can he say at the start of his video that it is risk free trading? By the way, no trading in this world is risk free.

Derek StoneAnother really stupid thing is saying that he can instantly transfer money from his broker account to his bank account and get the cash from the ATM. No binary options broker allows instant transfers, all withdrawal requests must be approved by the broker first, which takes at least a few hours.

Or look at the dates, 30 minutes mean a week? Stone is obviously an actor, you can see it in his talking, his hands movements, this really is not genuine. And the one last spot remaining? It is there today, will be tomorrow and so on.

Trade Tracker Pro App

Trade Tracker Pro softwareBut the best proof comes again with the Trade Tracker Pro App itself. We’ve had a look at it and it is the most used software by binary options scammers.

Look at the picture on the right, it has been used for example in the Amissio Formula scam or the Tauribot scam. Every time they just change colors and the logo.

In reality this app is designed to lose your money. Because Trade Tracker Pro is far from being free, you won’t bee able to use it unless you deposit at least $250 with Titan Trade. And guess what, Stone and his friends are affiliated with Titan Trade, so they will get paid for every new depositor they can send to this broker. Now you see the purpose of this scam?


Trade Tracker Pro is a binary options scam. If you don’t won’t to lose money that you’ll be forced to deposit with them, stay away from it.

If you are interested in seeing how binary options trading really work and how you can make money in it, try a free demo account. Then you’ll see that you need a strategy in order to make profits on binary options.

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