Scam warning: Verified Trader by Simon Roper and VeriTrades

Today we are going to review a brand new binary options scam called Verified Trader signed by Simon Roper and allegedly verified by

New scams keep coming every day, but this one is in fact a double scam, because it claims to be verified by an independent body. But is just a big fake, we are going to prove it.

Verified Trader system

Verified Trader
This balance is faked, it would have to be $2700 with the trading results below.

First let’s have a look at the system. It should be a binary options trading system that will trade your account automatically with a 90+ percent winning ratio. And as a beta tester you get it for free. Sounds good, right? Well, scams always do.

Let’s get straight to the first proof of scam. Roper shows in his video trades from one day after depositing $250 on a new account. The system makes a $2450 profit, but the balance on his account is only $2450 at the end of the day.

Something is wrong here, because $250 (deposit) + $2450 (profits) = $2700. So the balance after that day of trading should be $2700. So this is a first proof that the video is faked.

But this is not really a surprise, because we often see that binary options scammers know nothing about trading, so they always make mistakes of this kind.

This fact is supported by Roper saying that you can trade binary options “7 days a week”. tradesNo, you can’t, during weekends trading is closed, although there might be some options to be traded with a long expiry, but you cannot close trades on weekends.

Another illogical claim is that the Verified Trader system can make you $600 to $4000 a day. Why this limit? There is no reason. You can open binary options trades of several thousand dollars, so a $4000 limit makes absolutely no sense.

veritradesTo support the trading results Simon Roper says that they have been verified by an independent body called VeriTrades. But just look at their page, no real contact information, photos of the management are public photos used across the internet, so it is a fake company that in fact does not exist.

In reality VeriTrades has been created by the same people that created Verified Trader, just look at the domain registration, both were registered at exactly the same time at the beginning of 2015! Another proof of scam.

Both domains registered at the same time. Coincidence? Certainly not.


The Verified Trader system is a big binary options scam supported by another scam called VeriTrades. It is just a marketing effort to bring new traders to a broker, because affiliate commissions are what is Simon Roper after. If you let trade his system your account, you will lose your money.

The only way to make money with binary options is to learn to trade and trade yourself, nobody will trade profitably your account for free, there is no free money. Try them on a free demo and see for yourself.

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24 thoughts on “Scam warning: Verified Trader by Simon Roper and VeriTrades

  1. WARNING TO EVERYONE OUT THERE: Plus OPTIONS is just a big scam too. They make big sweet promises but never fulfill them. They are just a money grab.

  2. yep these people are scum of the earth how are they let continue??? they had me ofr a couple of grand no sweat but they make you feel all traders are crooked and any trade firm that allows these sites to use their trading floors must be in on it what can we do???

  3. I haven’t had any single successful deposit grow more than a few dollars and then dive to oblivion with any binary trading software I’ve tried. Totals six separate ones and not at winner among them

  4. Damn..I actually fell for this. I have never been scammed before as I am usually very cautious and skeptical of “Get rich quick” schemes, however, being in a tight financial situation, I thought I could venture, (RISK) the money and get at least some quick money to get ahead. Well, I was wrong, it seems. I haven’t lost any money yet as it is the weekend, and now I want to get my money back, before they steal it. Is there anyway for me to get the money back from the Broker or whatever?
    I should have known better !!

  5. Thanks for saving me lots of my hard earned money these guys guys sound so real it is amazing how many scamers are out there.

  6. This is just another scam involving Binary & Forex Trading, when is this industry going to wake up and realise that these crooks are damaging the legit traders & platforms.
    Nobody seems to care that honest law abiding people are being scammed for thousands on a daily basis, governments don’t care, the so called regulators Cysec are next to useless & toothless, it’s about time the laws were tightened up and these scams eliminated once and for all, I for one will never invest again in trading I’ve lost far to much money to these cretins.
    So take my advice leave trading to the few that can afford it, you will save yourself a lot of money and heartache.

    1. Hi, the CySEC’s role is to regulate brokers, which it does. However these scams are made by anonymous people connected to unregulated brokers located who knows where. This is why we say that everybody should trade with regulated brokers only.

  7. HI,I really like your site and the time that you give to us.
    It helps a lot .Like now I have decided to try I.Q.Option . According to the experts said ,I will try them.
    Thank’s a lot for giving us your time and experience…GILLES in Montreal

  8. I traded for two hours tonight and lost $80. I’m wondering now how long it will take until I can withdraw my remaining monies.

    I definately think they are a scam after reading the comments on here.

  9. these scammers should be punished.I am flooded with spam from these idiots.What goes around comes around.

  10. my apologies…the proper e mail address of the site that sucked me in was Thanks. I just want to save others from losing their money. Your work hard for your money all of yo uI am sure. Invest wisely. Stay away from the site I mention here involving a Simon Roper.

  11. I deposited a few hundred dollars (they told me an amount much higher than the $250 miniimum was now “required” with One Binary through the verified trader site. The Auto Trader lost a lot more trades than it won. It wasn’t even close. I noticed when you press to open a trade it will recommend Call the first time, then if you go back in it will say Put…often times just in a repeating sequence. The account effectively went to zero. Many, many messages to verified trader customer support went unanswered. Is Simon Roper a real person or a made up name? I am not certain…I can tell you this. While losing 400 bucks is not the end of the world, I would have been much was to put it toward mortgage balance instead of buying into the dream they put inside a guy’s head. Shame on them and others who take advantage of others. I ignored the red flags that normally keep me at bay from these offers…but I gotta tell ‘ya, their presentation is masterful, deserving of an academy award Oscar for acting. I am a level-headed, cautious person and they sucked me in…save your money. It took their software less than a couple days to deplete my account. Sad, yes. But I am an adult so must live with consequences of my own actions. Such a HUGE disappointment. I write to warn others…save your money.

    1. Thanks very much Curtis, I was thinking about signing up with them.

      I was also concerned with the third-party broker, that seems to be from the same company with only a slightly difference in the name. That was a red flag for me.

      Another red flag, was that none of the persons in the company is or was a Trader. They indicated all of their qualifications, but none were listed as Traders.

      Thank you again, I really appreciate it.

  12. Verified traders is the biggest scam on the Internet. I checked their address in London Avenue it is a post office drop, and noticed that the two men in the presentation are Americans not English. I called their number and it was disconnected or not available. This is a huge scam. They say you need to invest $250, but when you go to the form it requires a deposit of $497. Stay away from these scammers. There are no free lunches.

  13. thanks. man for the timely mind told me it was a scam when i didnt see any physical verifiable contact address.appreciate.

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