Scam warning: Widow Millionaire Janet Philips and 8binary

janet philips
The original scam article.

Recently we came across an article about a woman that allegedly became very rich very quickly by trading binary options with 8binary. Her name is Janet Philips. We investigated about her and we can clearly say that it is a scam.

The best proof for this is the photo inside the article at FxPress. It is a fake, in reality the 8binary logos are not on that car, see the original here, it is a stolen image.

Now that we established that is a scam, let’s have a look at the binary options broker 8binary. It looks very, very, suspicious. They provide no address, you can contact them just by phone or email. So ask yourself if you would send your money to somebody that is hiding from where is he from? It would be a really bad idea, you can be almost sure that you would never see it again.

A broker with a hidden address is certainly not regulated and should something happen, you would never be able to contact them. If you really want to trade binary options, do it with regulated and trusted brokers.

It is obvious that the article about Janet Philips at FXPress is a scam, the purpose of it is to make you open an account and deposit money. That will earn them commissions, that is why they are trying to make you believe that trading binary options is super easy, that you can start to earn millions tomorrow.

Don’t fall into this trap, you would very probably lose all your money, either because you would start trading unprepared or because 8binary probably wouldn’t pay you back. Trading binary options is a serious thing.

3 thoughts on “Scam warning: Widow Millionaire Janet Philips and 8binary

  1. Thanks to TBBOB for all of your investigation and good work to expose scammers.

    I mean, the Photo part says it all – how can you trust anyone who uses a fake Photo to promote their business.

  2. Hi Guys, I have been trading on the 8binary platform for over 7 months now and never had a problem, I closed my other accounts with other brokers last month, this is how happy I am with them.

  3. is not a scam!? Their address is on the contact page and we have traded with them many times and withdrew funds perfectly fine.

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