SCAM with a FAKE demo – Power Signals review

power-signalsThis review of Power Signals is a warning, this service is a binary options scam that can lose your money.

Binary options robots are trendy, there are many of them promising free money. This alone should be a big warning sign. Power Signals is one of them. They call it a trading signals service, but is in fact a scam robot.

It allegedly trades with a staggering 87% winning rate, which would mean that it is the best trading tool.

Power Signals scam

The Power Signals robot is based on a scam white label software that anybody can buy. In fact a lot of scammers are buying it and they are rebranding it over and over again. Or maybe it is always the same group of people, who knows.

One thing is sure, Power Signals is a scam. Not only they are lying about the winning rate, but the worst thing is their demo.

power-signals-robotIt sounds fair, they give you a free demo to try the robot and see how it works. So you sign up, click a few buttons and you see the robot making tons of money on the demo. So you are delighted, you open a real account, deposit your money and let the robot trade your account.

But suddenly your money disappears, because Power Signals is generating losing trades on the real account. How it is possible? It’s simple, this software fakes demo results, we have proven it several times.

Look at the picture, this same software is used for example by scams like Option Robot, Pip365 and iRobot. And in these reviews we have captured in videos how this scam software fakes demo results. Here it is again.

It is really one of the dirtiest and most disgusting tricks that scammers use. People who have no experience in trading don’t know how to check if the demo is not lying, so they will believe that it works. But then they will quickly lose their money in real trading with the Power Signals scam robot.

How it really works

You see, these scammers make money by referring new depositing clients to brokers they are affiliated with. This is why they use this scam software that will make you believe that you can earn money with them. They need you to deposit through their software with one of their brokers, this is all they care about.

When you do it, they will get their commission. And they don’t care that Power Signals will then lose your money in bad trades.


Power Signals is a very dirty scam with a fake demo. This program is designed to lose your money.

Forget about free money making systems, they don’t exist. You can make money with binary options only if you learn how to trade and build a profitable strategy. You can do that on a genuine free demo account with a regulated broker.

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