SCANDALOUS SCAM: Crypto Blueprint review

Crypto Blueprint websiteThis review is a warning against the Crypto Blueprint crypto investing program. It is presented by Jamie Lewis.

Lewis says that he will give you a crypto blueprint and tools for crypto trading automation. Thanks to him you could allegedly turn $10 in $2,437 in minutes.

The presentation of Crypto Blueprint is strange, because it says you can get a price reduction, but when you sign up, there is nothing to pay.

Crypto Blueprint scam

The Crypto Blueprint unfortunately is just another scam. It won’t and it can’t make you the money it advertises.

Jamie Lewis scammer

Lewis is a known scammerAt the beginning of his Crypto Blueprint video Lewis actually does a good thing, when he says that you should google his name.

Because if you do that, you will see that he’s been selling crap for years, he in fact is just doing affiliate marketing and using lies to sell anything.

And every time he says he got rich with each new product he is selling. By the way, he also participated in the Crypto Renegade scam.


You need no experience to trading to see that Crypto Blueprint is a scam. Or do you really believe that you could turn $10 to $2,437 in minutes? If you do, you have a serious problem.

Just to be clear, it never was possible to make 2,437% in minutes in crypto trading. Lewis is a liar and he knows nothing about crypto trading.

He wants you to depositHow it really works

When we signed up for Crypto Blueprint, we were immediately redirected to a deposit page of a broker called GMO Trading.

So, this is how it works, Lewis is trying to earn affiliate commissions from this broker by making you deposit with him. This is an illegal practice, because he is using lies and he opens an account with this broker on your behalf without your consent.


Crypto Blueprint is a scam, Jamie Lewis is a known scammer, stay away from him and his product!

You should verify any trading system you want to try on a demo account to see if it works.

Never start trading untried systems directly with real money.

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