Scandalous scam review – The Millionaires Club

Millionaires Club web siteIn this review we are going to have a look at the “Millionaires Club”, which is a new binary options scam presented by Richard Brown.

Brown claims that he is a multimillionaire and member of the secret Millionaires Club. He allegedly is making millions with a secret app that trades financial markets.

Now you can join the Millionaires Club for free. According to Brown there is only a limited amount of free spots.

The Millionaires Club is a scam

Richard BrownLet’s put it straight, Richard Brown is a fictitious character played by a paid actor. His story is a big fat lie.

The most outrageous thing is that he is lying and he immediately provides proofs showing that he is lying.

Brown is in fact a scammer that needs you to open a binary options trading account with the unregulated Binary Brokerz, because that will earn the authors of this scam affiliate commissions.

Binary options

binary-optionsBrown says in the video that his automated system is not about binary options.

But during the same speech he shows you a binary options trading account and an e-mail about his system being an app for binary options!

So he is lying right in front of your eyes.

Not free

depositBrown says several times that The Millionaires Club is completely free, that at no time will anybody ask you for your money, that you won’t need your money.

But when you sign up, the first thing you will have to do is to deposit at least $250 with their broker.

So again a big lie.

Worthless app

Millionaires Club appAll the bank account and trading account statements you can see in the video are completely fake.

The Millionaires Club app is a piece of crap used by many binary options scams, every time they just change the logo and colours.

Look at the picture on the right, you can see that the same app has been used for example by Triana Soft and Profit Insider Pro scams.


The Millionaires Club is a scam abusing binary options. They just want you to deposit and lose money with their app, so stay away from it.

Binary options are a standard investment tool that you can use to make money, but first you have to learn trading. You can do it on a free demo account where you don’t risk anything.

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  1. GRACE & PEACE Brother John. Thanks for your investigation re: ‘The Millionaire Club, Triana Soft, Profit Insider Pro, Drexel Code & others’.

    May I request for a HELP, please refer me a legitimate & non-scam HOMEBASE business opportunities so when I go home to Manila after my US vacation, I can LEARN & EARN for my family & for others.

    Thank you in advance and GOD BLESS U & UR FAMILY.

    1. Hi, we’ve been reviewing binary options robots and signals only, and unfortunately I haven’t seen any profitable.

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