SCREAMING SCAM: Digital Payday review with PROOFS

Digital Payday websiteThis review proves that Digital Payday is a disgusting scam. It is presented by Daniel Bluth.

Digital Payday is supposed to be based on secret methods used by Google and Facebook. It also seemingly is a trading solution for Bitcoin.

In any case it allegedly can make you $13,000 in just one day. And it is free. So, can you become rich for free with this system?

Digital Payday scam

If Digital Payday seems confusing, it is only normal, because it is a poor mix of a crypto and advertisement scam. This the reason why in the video they speak about banners and on the web page you can see Bitcoin mentioned.

It was created like this: scammers took the Bitcoin Code scam website and used it for their video about advertising revenues. This created all the confusion.

So, Digital Payday has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies or crypto trading. You won’t be touching Bitcoin with it.

Daniel Bluth

Daniel BluthDaniel Bluth is the supposed genius behind Digital Payday. But he is not. He is just a fictitious character made up by scammers.

Check our picture to see that his photo is a stock photo, it comes from a commercial database.

Fake testimonials

Reviews are fakePeople you can see in the Digitial Payday video who claim they have earned money with this system are liars.

They are paid actors who are lying in front of the camera for money. Look at our picture to see a proof, anybody can hire this woman on Fiverr.

How it really works

Who wants your moneyWe wanted to see what really is behind Digital Payday, so we signed up. Then a message appeared telling us that we signed up with Clicksdealer.

So, Digital Payday Bot obviously is about buying advertisement space that you don’t need. This is what will happen, you will be asked to pay some money and that will be all. If you pay, you won’t get anything useful back. End.


Digital Payday is an obvious scam that has nothing to do with real Bitcoin trading.

If you are interested in making money in real cryptocurrency trading, try it first on free demo account with a regulated broker.

Practice on the demo until you manage to build a profitable strategy, only then you can start trading with real money.

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  1. I think that I have been scammed by a digital stockbroking company, millerandcrawford. I invested £2,500 back in agust 2018. I ve made repeated requests to them asking if i can access my funds to make a withdrawal. I ve been contacting them by email and leaving messages on their voicemail. They have ignored every single one of them.ju

  2. Is untapped wealth / Bitcoin code and scam or us it legit I have signed up to a few trading companies and their brokers but not put funds into them to activate any of the accounts.

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