Secret Millionaires’ Club scam review

In this review we are going to prove that the “Secret Millionaires’ Club” is a scam on binary options.

The guy (Steve?) in the video presentation says that he has been accepted into a Secret Millionaires’ Club that gave him access to a binary options trading software running on autopilot. This piece of software supposedly made him millionaire within 6 months.

The usual miracle is that you can get access to this trading system too, for free.

The Secret Millionaires’ Club is a scam

This is the typical scam scheme, you are promised big free money. Start by reloading their page and look at the counter of free spots and time left. The counters will be back to full numbers after each reload of the web page.

But there is one more obvious proof, you can clearly see that the screenshots of Steve’s Secret Millionaires’ Club trading account are fake. Because when you look at the first screenshot, he has an initial deposit of $200 on his account.

Secret Millionaires’ Club testimonials
$4000 profit from $200 in just 3 trades on binary options? Impossible.

Then he says that the second screenshot, where he has more than $4200, is from the same day. So he supposedly made $4000 in one day from the initial deposit of $200. But look at the amount of trades, there are only 3 trades. And as intraday binary options offer a maximum return of 92 %, it is impossible to make $4000 from a $200 deposit in just 3 trades! So this is a 100 % fake.

The whole story of the Secret Millionaires’ Club is just a big fat lie. The reality is that Steve is a binary options affiliate, so he will get paid for each new trader that deposits money with his broker. So he needs you to open an account and deposit your money, this is how he makes profits.

If you then let trade his software your account, you will lose your deposit. End of story.


There is a lot of binary options scam that promise free money, the Secret Millionaires’ Club is just one of them. Don’t believe anybody who offers you free money but asks you to deposit your money first.

Money can be made with binary options, since it is a regular and regulated investment tool easy to understand, but it requires some time and effort. If you are interested, first try binary options on a free demo so that you can learn more without risking any money.

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