SECRET SCAM: Crypto Code review

CryptoCode websiteThis review of CryptoCode reveals that this trading program is just a scam. It is presented by William Gardner.

According to Gardner, CryptoCode is an automated trading software that can allegedly make you $14,000 in less than a day. This is because this app is trading cryptocurrencies and is using the compounding effect.

Another miracle: Crypto Code is free. So can you get rich for free?

CryptoCode scam

The reality is that CryptoCode is just another scam hiding behind cryptocurrencies. It won’t make you any money, it is not free and it will lose your money. Here are the proofs.

Dr. William Gardner

Dr. William Gardner is a scam artistLet’s start with Gardner. He is a fictitious character made up by scammers who run CryptoCode. The guy just doesn’t exist.

Look at our picture and you will see that they showed you a stock photo. The man on the photo has nothing to do with crypto trading.

Fake testimonials

Reviews are not realOn the CryptoCode website you will find static and video reviews. But they all are fake. Videos were made with paid actors, while static reviews were fabricated with stock photos.

Our picture provides a proof, look at it. A stock photo of a man that has no idea about crypto trading with this program.

How it will lose your money

Trading software is not freeNow let us explain how CryptoCode really works. When you sign up, you will find out that the software is not free. You will have to deposit at least $250 with Safe Markets, which is an unregulated and anonymous broker, to activate it.

The reason is that scammers who run Crypto Code are getting paid by this broker for referring new depositors. This is how they make money.

And what about the Crypto Code trading software? It is a piece of crap that will generate random trading signals and trade your account to zero. So, scammers will earn their commission and you will lose your deposit. This is how these scams work.


Crypto Code is a scam that is hiding behind cryptocurrencies. It will take your money and lose it in trading. Stay away!

If you want to see how crypto trading works and what kind of profits are possible if you manage to build a profitable strategy, try a free demo account with a regulated broker.

And remember that trading is risky, you can make, but also lose money. So, don’t quit the demo for real trading until you are ready.

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