SERIOUS SCAM: 30 Day Challenge review

30k 30 Day ChallengeThis review of 30k 30 Day Challenge proves that this program is a scam. It is presented by Joey Altair.

Altair claims that his software can make you 30 thousand dollars in the next 30 days. He says that even if he does not succeed in making you money, he will give you one thousand dollars from his own pocket.

This is why the program is called 30 Day Challenge. And it is free, so can you get 30k in 30 days for free? Of course not!

30k – 30 Day Challenge scam

The truth is that 30 Day Challenge is a total scam made to lose your money. It will not earn you a single cent and Altair won’t give you anything from his own pocket. See the proofs.

Joey Altair

Joey Altair scammerLet’s start with Altair. He is a scam artist. Or rather a fictitious character, because there is no real trader behind this program.

Look at the picture and you will see that scammers used a stock photo to portray their fictitious character.

Fake testimonials

reviewThe 30 Day Challenge video is full of people endorsing this trading program. They say that they have earned money with it.

The problem is that they all are paid actors who are lying for money, they have never traded with this program. Look at the picture to see a proof, this guy is a Fiverr actor who participated in many binary options scams.

Scam software

And finally we have the 30 Day Challenge trading software. It is a known scam software that we have already seen many times.

Check the picture to see some other scams that are based on the same software, like 6 Figures or Dubai Lifestyle App.

We know from real users of this software that it is losing money in trading with real money!

How it really works

So what is the true purpose of the 30k 30 Day Challenge? To earn affiliate commissions to scammers who run this program. You see, after registering they will push you to deposit money with a certain unregulated broker that they are affiliated with. Until then the software won’t let you trade.

If you deposit money through their software with their broker, they will earn their commission for referring you. Then the 30 Day Challenge software will lose your money in trading. End.


30 Day Challenge is a scam made to lose your money with a crappy software. Stay away from it!

No free software will make you money in trading. You have to learn to trade and build your own profitable strategy. If you are interested in doing it, start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

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