SHAMELESS SCAM: DrCrypto review

Dr.Crypto official webRead this review to see why DrCrypto is a scam that has nothing to do with investing in cryptocurrencies.

Dr.Crypto claims to be a company that is trading with cryptocurrencies, mining cryptocurrencies a doing digital asset management.

Thanks to these activities it is offering two investments plans, the more profitable one can allegedly make you 237.6% net per month. Really?

Dr.Crypto scam

No investment licenseThe reality is that DrCrypto is not doing any real trading or mining or any other legit activity. It’s just an investment scam, a Ponzi scheme.

237.6% per month says it all, no legit business activity can generate such profits for customers. Only Ponzi schemes offer these numbers. They might pay the profits for some time, taking money from new deposits, but sooner or later they always collapse and a lot of money disappears.

DrCrypto is designed to fail, so you’d better not try making money with it.

Illegal operation

Scam numbersThere is one particular thing we need to address. DrCrypto is displaying a company registration in the UK. It is true that there is a company called Darat Crypto registered in Britain, but it was established only in December 2017. So, no proven history.

What is even more important, is that Darat Crypto is not registered with the Financial Conduct Authority, therefore it is not authorized to provide investment services that it is offering. It is acting in an illegal way.


DrCrypto is an investment scam, no real investment opportunity, just an illegal financial game. Stay away from it!

If you want to see what real investing in cryptocurrencies looks like, try a free demo account with a regulated broker.

You will learn what is needed to truly succeed in trading. Be sure to understand all the risks if you decide to invest real money.

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