SHINY SCAM: Diamond Found review

Diamond Found webThis review reveals that Diamond Found is an investment scam that has nothing to do with precious stones.

Diamond Found supposedly is an investment program into artificial diamonds that guarantees you an income.

There are 12 investment plans in total, with returns ranging between 140% after one day to 9500% after 110 days. It means up to 85% net per day, which is 2550% per month. Is it real?

Diamond Found

Investment plans are fakeNo, 85% is not real, it is not possible in any legit business. So, there is only one way to look at Diamond Found, it is a scam.

It obviously operates as a Ponzi scheme, which means that they will use money from new deposits to pay some profits, but this won’t last long.

These schemes always collapse very quickly. Either when owners decide to run away with money, or when new deposits are no longer able to cover withdrawals. It is an illegal financial game that is going to lose money to a lot of people.

No company

Diamond Found claims to be based in England, but there is no company of this name in the Companies House register nor the Financial Conduct Authority register.

This means that Diamond Found is run by some anonymous people, which proves that it is a scam, not a real company.


Diamond Found is not an investment opportunity, it is a scam made to take money away from you.

If you are interested in real investment trading, try a free demo with a regulated broker to see what it’s like.

Trading with real money requires learning, testing a building a profitable strategy beforehand.

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