SignalSnipe uses fake testimonials! Review

In this quick review we analyze reasons why SignalSnipe is not a trustworthy signal service.

What it is about

SignalSnipe is a Forex signals service. Signals are allegedly generated by experienced professionals that have 25 years of trading experience. You allegedly can expect hundreds of pips per month.

SignalSnipe is a paid service, it costs 60 dollars per month.

Fake testimonials

The first thing we noticed as a warning sign is that Signal Snipe uses fake testimonials.

Look at the picture, you will see that they used stock photos, so their stories cannot be trusted.

This alone in our eyes make SignalSnipe look like a scam.

Illegal investment advice

Because Signal Snipe is selling trading signals, they effectively provide investment advice. And this is a regulated activity in any country with financial regulation.

Therefore SignalSnipe should have a licence for investment advice, but we don’t see any. We even could not find contact information, the service is completely anonymous.

So SignalSnipe is providing illegal investment advice.


We don’t recommend using SignalSnipe, because it is not a trustworthy service.

We also remind you that by trading signals you will learn nothing. To learn trading it is better to open a demo account and test and build your own strategy.

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