SILLY SCAM: Coinsilo review

Coinsilo official webRead this review to see that Coinsilo is a scam that you should stay away from.

The Coinsilo group is supposed to be a private investment organization incorporated in the USA. It is offering crypto investing through its platform.

The investment plans come with ROI up to 120% in 3 days, which means 1,200% per month. Is this possible?

Coinsilo scam

The investment packageYou know the answer to this question: Will anybody make you 1,200% per month for free? Of course not!

The fact is that nobody can achieve such profits in a legitimate and sustainable business, it is just impossible in this world.

That’s a fact that everybody should be aware of, so that they don’t fall for these scams that offer impossible things.

In the first place, Coinsilo is an illegal investment service. Because when you offer investment services, you have to be authorized by national financial regulators in every country you are targeting.

But Coinsilo is anonymous and not regulated, therefore illegal. It works on the principles of a Ponzi scheme. This means that money is collected from the public and redistributed based on the plans until it runs out of money because there is not enough new deposits.

Testimonials are fakeBecause there is no real business activity going on that would create real values, it is doomed to collapse very quickly. These schemes always fail.

And you should realize they are using cryptocurrencies for a good reason, transactions are anonymous and irreversible, so you won’t be able to get your money back.

By the way, Coinsilo is using fake testimonials, which is another proof that it is a scam. See our picture.


Coinsilo is a typical scam, there is no real mining or trading going on, just an illegal financial game. Stay away from it!

If you want to make money in crypto trading, take it in your own hands and start learning a on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

You have to understand the risks and build a profitable strategy before you can start trading with real money.

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