SILLY SCAM: Easy Daily Profits – review

This review of Easy Daily Profits proves that it is a bianary options scam. It is presented by Dean Westhorpe.

According to Whesthorpe Easy Daily Profits is a trading system for binary options that can make you almost $1,000 per day. And you can get it for free.

That’s it, you allegedly can become rich for free. Life is simple, isn’t it?

Easy Daily Profits scam

The Easy Daily Profits program is of course a scam and Dean Westhorpe is a scam artist. Just look at his alleged bank account.

In the video he shows how he is logging into his account, but the moment he clicks on the button on the web page, you don’t see a new page loading, instead there is an image that spins on the screen. An image that has of course been faked.

Dean Westhorpe

Westhorpe is in reality a fictitious character created by scammers. This guy does not exist.

Look at the picture, they used a stock photo to portray him.


Everything you can see on the Easy Daily Profits is fake, including testimonials. People talking about this system are not real users, they are paid actors.

Look at the picture to see a proof. This woman is a Fiver actress, anybody can hire her for a fake testimonial, it costs five dollars only.

How Easy Daily Profits really works

Now that you have seen that everything in this program is fake, let’s have a look at how it really works. After registering you will be asked to deposit at least $250 with a broker that you won’t be allowed to choose.

You see, Easy Daily Profits is not really free, you will have to deposit money, otherwise they won’t let you use their program. But if you do it, the software will lose your deposit in trading. So you will lose your own money and never see it again.


Easy Daily Profits is a very simple scam that is not free. You will have to deposit money and you will lose this money.

If you want to earn money with binary options, you have to put some effort into learning and testing on a demo account with a regulated broker.

Start trading with real money only when you are able to trade profitably on the demo.

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