SIMPLE SCAM: Auto Money System review

Auto Money System websiteIn this review of Auto Money System we show why you cannot trust this program and why you should avoid it.

Auto Money System is a work from home program that can allegedly make you at least $300 per day. It is about reselling different things online and earning money as an affiliate.

So is it worth buying? No, it is not!

Auto Money System scam

AMS reviews are fakeThe reason why we are reviewing Auto Money System although it is not about binary options, is because when we first saw the video presentation, we quickly recognized some binary options scammers’ faces.

The video is full of testimonials with people claiming that they are earning money with AMS. They say that their lives changed thanks to this system, but they are lying, plain and simple.

People who are reviewing Auto Money System in the video are paid actors who don’t hesitate to endorse binary options scams. This is how we came to know them.

Look at our picture to see proofs. Anybody can hire these liars for fake testimonials for a few bucks. This proves not only that these testimonials are fake, but also that Auto Money System is a scam.

How it really works

From what we have seen in the video, we believe that AMS will sell you some worthless advice about how to get a website and start reselling things as an affiliate. There are tons of free sources about this topic and believe us, there is no magic bullet in this field.

In affiliate marketing the hardest part is not to build a website or get a product to resell. The hardest part is to get genuine traffic. To get it you have to work pretty hard and it takes a long time. And Auto Money System will not give it to you.


Auto Money System is a scam that will sell you worthless stuff about affiliate marketing. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in learning what our website is about, it is about online financial trading that you can try on a free demo account.

But you should know that it also takes time to build a profitable strategy and earn money in trading.

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