SIMPLE SCAM: CoinPay Hour review

Coinpay Hour official webIn this review we examine Coinpay Hour and reveal that it is an investment scam.

Coinpay Hour supposedly is a crypto investment company funded by a group of hedge fund traders.

The company is offering three different investment plans with returns up to 10% per hour, which means 240% per day. Can it be so?

CoinPay Hour

Trading plansCoinpay Hour is such an obvious scam that it probably already collapsed by the time we are publishing this review.

We hope that everybody knows that 240% per day is impossible to achieve in any legal activity, crypto trading is not an exception. The best traders in the world won’t even approach this kind of profits, that’s just a fact.

This means that CoinPay Hour is a scam. It is a Ponzi scheme that hopes that it will attract many new investors, which would allow it to run for a few days and use new deposits to pay withdrawals.

But no matter the time it will last, it will collapse in the end, because it is a scheme doomed to fail.

Fake company

Illegal companyCoinPay Hour displays a tax registration from the UK that means nothing. It is just a few days old and almost anybody can get such a document.

The important thing is that CoinPay Hour is not registered with the FCA, so it cannot legally offer investment services. So it is an illegal scheme and illegal service.


CoinPay Hour is a scam that is going to quickly collapse due to its nature and absurd plans. Stay away from it.

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