SINGLE SCAM: Btc2Double review

Btc2Double websiteThis review explains that Btc2Double is an investment scam that you have to avoid.

The Btc2Double offer is simple, it is supposed to double your bitcoin investment in less than 6 hours.

Is such a thing real and sustainable?

Btc2Double scam

Let’s put it straight, all bitcoin doubling programs are scams. And it doesn’t matter if they promise to double your BTC in 6 hours, one week or one month. All are scams.

The reason is that it is impossible to make 100% gains in such a short period of time. If by chance you achieve that in trading once, it will be luck and you won’t be able to repeat it over and over again.

Btc2Double claim they us a high-frequency trading platform, but it is lie. There is no real trading on. So, what it is really about?

How it really works

Btc2Double and similar programs are just illegal financial games based on the infamous Ponzi scheme. It means that new deposits are used to pay withdrawals, but such a scheme is unsustainable and always run out of money and collapses in the end. Always.

Don’t bother searching for licence or any other information of this type, Btc2Double is of course not regulated, it is an illegal scheme.


Btc2Double is a scam that will take your bitcoins and collapse soon, so stay away from it.

It is possible to make money in cryptocurrency trading, but you won’t be doubling your money every day. Try a free demo with a regulated broker to see what the possibilities are.

If you decide to trade with real money, use only money that you can afford to lose.

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