SLUSHY SCAM: HashyCoin review

HashyCoin websiteRead this review to understand why you have to stay away from HashyCoin.

Hashy Coin is supposed to be a financial platform. There is an automatic algorithm that will allegedly earn you 0.9% per hour.

Is it really possible to make money with this program?

HashyCoin scam

Bogus investment planLet’s start with basic math. 0.9% per hour means 21.6% per day. Which is more than 600% per month.

Just by looking at these numbers you should know that HashyCoin is a scam. Because there is no way for a legit company to make more than 20% daily returns, it is just impossible.

The numbers displayed by HashyCoin are typical for a Ponzi scheme that uses money from deposits to play an illegal game, which always collapses in the end.

Illegal program

HashyCoin is an obvious scam, moreover it is an illegal program in its nature. Because it is offering investment services without being registered.

Every investment service needs to be regulated, that is the law in most countries. But Hashy Coin is anonymous and not regulated.


HashyCoin is an obvious scam that will collapse within a few days or weeks. Stay away from it!

If you want to try real financial trading, begin on a free demo with a regulated broker.

In testing you can learn and understand everything that is necessary before eventually investing real money.

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