SMOKING SCAM: Green Leaf Fortune review

Green Leaf Fortune official websiteIn this review we warn against the latest scam that is pretending that it can make you money, it is called Green Leaf Fortune.

Green Leaf Fortune is a website the incites you to invest into stocks of companies that deal with cannabis. The reason is that more and more states and countries are legalizing this drug, thus these companies are supposed to prosper.

Grean Leaf Fortune wants you to trade with this program. Should you?

Green Leaf Fortune scam

The truth is that Green Leaf Fortune is a scam. After binary options and cryptocurrencies scammers are selling cannabis stocks as the next big thing. But as with binary options and cryptos they are not making you trading the real thing.

We have noticed a lot of cannabis stocks scam in the past weeks, like Cannabis Trader, Cannabis Millionaire, Weed Profit System and Weed Millionaire. They all promise you money but they don’t deliver. In fact, they make people lose money.

Not even trading the right stocks

Review are not trueWhen you sign up for programs like Green Leaf Fortune, you will be redirected to an unregulated broker and asked to deposit money. They will say that you need to deposit in order to start earning.

Then you will either be left on your own, or a losing program will make losing trades and your deposit will disappear. Either way the broker won’t let you withdraw any money, because it is a scam.

Also, these shady brokers that cooperate with these scams don’t even have cannabis stocks in their offerings.

This thing about cannabis is just a story to get your money, cannabis stocks were not even profitable in the last year.

Fake reviews

Beware of fake reviews. Not only you will find fake testimonials on the Green Lean Fortune’s website, but you can also find fake review articles promoting this scam program.


Green Leaf Fortune is a scam that will just make you lose money with an unregulated broker. Stay away from it!

If you want to try financial trading, start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Learn trading, understand the risks, build a solid strategy. Only after that you can contemplate trading with real money.

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