Sophisticated scam review – My 1st Online Payday System

This review is a about a binary options scam called “My First Online Payday”. It is presented by Jeremy Mathews.

Mathews claims that he managed to program a trading app that can make you $320 to $750 per day in the first month. Later you supposedly can make thousands of dollars per day.

My First Online Payday has allegedly been tested already last year and now there are 500 new free spots. You can get one of them and start using the app.

My First Online Payday is a scam

Anybody should be able to quickly see that My 1st Online Payday is a scam. Just look at their web page, none of the menu links works, everything is a fake. And it is presented and endorsed by known binary options scammers.

Jeremy Mathews

Jeremy MathewsMathews is a scammer selling his soul on Fiverr for 5 bucks. This guy played in many scams like in Alpha Money Generator under the name of Fabian Samuel.

Every time he uses a different name and his presence alone is a guarantee that you are facing a scam.


TestimonialThe same applies to testimonials of My First Online Payday, they were made with paid actors from Fiverrr.

And again, these people are known scammers that played in many binary options scam, like Sarah’s Confession. So as we said, everything is fake.

Testing the app

play3After you sign up with My First Online Payday you are redirected to a trading platform, or rather a gaming platform for binary options. You supposedly get a free $50 deposit to start playing. You have to push the button that first reaches 90 % or above. You have 20 first plays for free.

We did those 20 first plays, but is was a big pain, because most of the time we got an error message saying that the option already expired. It was really very annoying.

And we immediately saw that it is really just a game, not real trading. Why? Because options have a 15 seconds expiry, which does not correspond to the real world, where most of the times the shortest expiry is 60 seconds, some brokers offer 30 seconds.

Moreover when entering a trade, you don’t see what asset you are trading! The reason is clear, this is a fake demo, trades are faked to make you believe that the algorithm is really working.

Profits withdrawal? No way!

You cannot withdraw, you have to deposit.

So after those 20 free plays our account was sitting at $360. Everywhere they say it is our money, so we tried to withdraw it. And something very expected happened, you cannot withdraw your profits, you first have to deposit at least $250 with their unregulated broker (Binary Brokerz) and make at least another 50 trades!

And guess what happens if you do it? You will lose not only your profits, which by the way are entirely fictitious, but you will also lose your deposit. But the creators of My First Online Payday will get their affiliate commission for bringing in a new depositor. Now you see how it works…


My 1st Online Payday is a binary options scams that uses a fake demo to make you believe that it can trade profitably. But in reality you will have to deposit your own money, which you will then lose with the real app.

Binary options trading works in a different way, no free robot will make you money. You have to learn trading and build a profitable strategy in order to really make money. You can try it on a free demo and see how real trading works.

4 thoughts on “Sophisticated scam review – My 1st Online Payday System

  1. Thank you!!! Cause, I thought I WAS doing it wrong! I got only ten tries and then it sent me to the withdrawal page. I have been trying to let them know what the problem was, but, have got nothing, but, I should collect my funds emails. Bless you for letting me know!

  2. I did the 20 free ‘play’s & I can’t even get past the “step 1” page of withdrawing my earnings. Glad I didn’t put any of my own money on there. I figured it was too good to be true, but as a disabled person (that has been waiting over a year for disability) I was certainly hopeful that I had found something I could do to earn money…so tired of the stress, worry, & fear that losing my income has brought.

  3. If I could come here earlier, see your reminder. Would not lose so much money.
    Thank you, let me awake.
    bless you.

  4. Whaoo! people are becoming more and more ingenious with scamming others. Thanks for the warning.

    God bless you!

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