SPECIAL SCAM: CryptoTrixi review

In our review we show you that Crypto Trixi is a scam that you should not even consider trading with.

Crypto Trixi reviewCryptoTrixi makes a simple promise, it is supposed to provide you with profitable trading signals for Forex and presumably cryptocurrencies, so that you don’t have anything to learn and make money.

There are no upfront numbers, but when you analyze the alleged performance of the signals over the last two weeks, the average daily returns on investment are a massive 49% per day. Is it real, though?

CryptoTrixi scam

Globalix scamNo, the performance shown on the Crypto Trixi website is not real, this program is a brutal scam that is made to enrich people who run it and lose your money.

49% per day is an outrageous claim and lie, in fact, it is just impossible. You might have a few days in your trading career when you will make that much, but it certainly is not something you can have on average.

Most of the biggest hedge funds won’t make 49% in a year, and they employ the best brains of this world. So, 49% per day by an anonymous and free signals service is just laughable, it cries scam!

You can do a simple math exercise, 49% per day is more than 1000% per month on Forex, which is traded only on weekdays. At this rate you would need just $10 as starting capital to become a millionaire within 5 months!

It is really absurd, should this be possible, you can imagine what would happen, people would stop working and the economy would collapse. Really, you just need some common sense to uncover most of the investment scams.

The truth

Crypto Trixi scamFinally, we will expose in this Crypto Trixi review how the scam works. If you try to sign up, you will quickly find out that the trading signals are not free. You won’t get access to the signals, until you deposit money with an unregulated and dirty broker called Globalix, see our picture.

And this is how they get your money. They use a lie, they promise profitable signals if you deposit with a shady broker, but if you deposit, they will keep your money and you will get losing signals. You won’t earn anything, you will lose your deposit. Most of the online investment scam schemes work this way, they push you to dirty brokers that will steal your money.

CryptoTrixi review conclusion

In this CryptoTrixi review we have explained the construct of this scam and how it works. Now you know why you have to stay away from it!

There are no free shortcuts to profits. If you want to make money in trading, you have to build your own profitable strategy. You can try to do it on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Don’t trade with real money until you have your strategy ready and understand the risks.

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