SPECTACULAR SCAM: Singapore’s Coin by CashlessPay Group review

CashlessPay Group websiteThis review explains that the Singapore Coin or SG-Coin (BCN) promoted by the CashlessPay Group is a monstrous scam.

CashlessPay Group say that the government of Singapore decided on implementing a national cryptocurrency called the Singapore’s Coin.

This SG-Coin is now being sold for 0.0026 euros and is supposed to skyrocket to thousands of dollars. This means that even a small investment would make you a millionaire. But wait…

Singapore Coin scam

The CashlessPay Group put together a horrible scam that is designed to steal your money, nothing more, nothing less.

Fake Singapore’s Coin

SG CoinFirst of all, Singapore nor any other country in this world has no plans to introduce a national cryptocurrency designed to replace the current fiat currency. That’s a fact.

There is no SG-Coin (BCN), nothing like this exist, the CashlessPay Group is a total nonsense. In fact, BCN stands for ByteCoin, which has nothing to do with all this.

Fake reviews

Fake reviewsThe CashlessPay Group’s website features quotes from famous people like Richard Branson who are endorsing the Singapore cryptocurrency.

But the quotes are fake, these people have never spoken about, the coin was never featured in media that are shown on the website, everything is absolutely fake.

How it really works

Tradewell scamHere is how the Singapore Coin scam works. When you sign up, they will create a trading account on your behalf with an unregulated broker, in our case it was Tradewell.

Then they will ask you to deposit money with that broker. At that you will still be thinking that you do that in order to buy Singapore’s cryptocurrency. When you send them your money, it will be over.

You will realize that Singapore Coin does not even exist, that you cannot trade it and the broker will not let you withdraw anything, so your money will be forever lost.


Singapore’s national cryptocurrency is fake, it does not exist, it is a scam made to separate you from your money. Stay away from it!

If you want to try trading with real cryptocurrencies, start on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

There are things you have to learn and risks to understand if you want to later trade with real money.

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